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  1. goney3

    AirVenture 2022: Where have all the Ultralights gone?

    There seems to be very few Ultralight aircraft at AirVenture in Oshkosh this year, anyone know why? 🤔
  2. C

    Airplane For Sale Sorrell SNS-8 Hiperlight [Project]

    This is a kit build which is 80% complete. New price: asking $15,500. This Sorrell Hiperlight SNS-8 (Sorrell Negative Stagger) Bi-Plane is a single place biplane which can be completed as an ultralight, light sport, or experimental aircraft. 50hp Rotax 503 engine with dual carbs, dual...
  3. R

    Parts For Sale Hovey Delta Bird For parts

    I have an old Hovey Delta Bird for parts, Located in Wisconsin. Could be restored, has minor damage, but been sitting a long time. Very little time in the air. The guy who built it flew it one day. When his wife saw it, she said that was the last time he would fly it. He did fly it a few...
  4. R

    STOL Inspired Composite Ultralight

    Hiya homebuilt, long time listener, second time caller here! The first time I came around here asking about help with the design of a pie-in-the-sky electric canard for a bachelors final project. We were able to laminate a partial canard spar and do a bunch of hotwire cutting after spending a...
  5. WorldWideWayne

    Planning the adventure of a lifetime and hello from Germany!

    Hi there, Since I am planning on flying an UL in the US in summer of 2022 I have tons of questions regarding FAR103 and just general questions about flying an Ultralight Aircraft in the US. This might sound a little crazy.. My plan is to acquire a 103 compliant plane - preferably the "Merlin...
  6. Ollie Krause

    Preventing Corrosion

    Hi Home Built Airplane Enthusiasts, I'm having some trouble figuring out the best practices for corrosion prevention in ultralight aircraft. I cam across this HBA thread which was super helpful but it primarily focused on sealant and less about broad corrosion prevention methods. I forget which...
  7. P

    VJ-23 Rigid Wing Hang Glider

    Hey Everyone! Noob aircraft enthusiast, experienced woodworked here. Looking to find more information into the Volmer VJ-23... This seems like the perfect little aircraft to just get started on some hill hops. the dream would be to someday upgrade a build of this to an E-soarer! Here is maybe...
  8. G

    finished himax on its first flight.

    Hirth f33 for power
  9. A

    Part 103 low speed ultralight glider design (wing)

    I need ideas of wing system for ultralight glider (such as Chanute, EasyRiser or Primary Instruction Glider) (may be biplane) low speed (25 - 40 hm/h) , weight of glider < 40 kg). My idea is next: biplane (wingspan - 6m, wing chord - 1.2m), S1210 airfoill...
  10. T

    Hi all, new to the site

    Restoring a 35 year old Mirage Ultralight. Aircraft is complete and running but needs a full restoration. I have just gotten started. HELP !!!!
  11. Maxray

    Legal Eagle project for sale

    Well, my VA Doctor made my decision to sell my beloved Spread Eagle project... Health is failing faster than previously thought. From my Barnstormers ad: LEGAL EAGLE PROJECT - ARF • $6,800 • ACCEPTING OFFERS • LEGAL EAGLE - SPREAD EAGLE UL TO XL. UL style dimensioned to XL landing gear, length...
  12. D

    Flight verification.

  13. D

    What's up with these webless ribs?

    Hi,I have seen a number of ultralights with wings whose ribs don't have webs e.g this Affordaplane: I once learnt that the webs in wing ribs help to transfer shear forces as well as wing loads on the wing skin to the spars,so my question is how will these "shear forces" be transfered from the...
  14. T

    Has anyone built their own personal flying machine?

    Hi there, I work for a television production company and I am currently doing some research into the exciting world of aviation. I am trying find stories of people who have built their own incredible and unusual flying machines and aircraft (or are still building), and was wondering whether...
  15. D

    Removing "useless" struts between the fore and aft wing spar of a goat4 ultralight.

    Hi people of HBA,my question is will there be any consequence if I remove the strut (A and B )between the wing spars of my goat4 ultralight?...as seen in this image below...
  16. D


    HI there, the space between the wing spar and an insleeve is about 0.5cm.Hence,there is a visible separation between the wing spar and sleeve,so I decided to put pvc pipe inbetween the wing spar and its sleeves to fill the space between the spar and sleeve. My question is,is this really a wise...
  17. D

    Position of dragwires in wing bays

    Hello there����,pls take a good look at the small dots on the bays of this two-spar wing .my question is, is the drag and anti drag wire as seen in bay 1 supposed to connect to the root of the compression tube or to the intersection between the wing spars and compression tube as seen in bay 2...
  18. D

    Position of dragwires in wing bays

    Hello there����,pls take a good look at the small dots on the bays of this two-spar wing...
  19. D

    Is the wing attach fitting ever loaded with shear force?

    Do wing attach fittings of semi-cantilevered plane(eg a wire braced ultralight) ever get subjected to shear force?(for example during roll,does the centrifugal force of the wings load the wing attach fittings with shear?).
  20. D

    In sleeve:yes.....outsleeve???

    In sleeve tubes help to reinforce high stress areas in wing spars,my question is,is there anything like outsleeve tube? Isn't it better to just put a sleeve tube on the outside of the spar rather than cutting the spar then inserting the insleeeve tube?