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  1. Sree

    Need Help With Building a Two Seater Trike/Ultralight

    I apologize for my lack of knowledge with flying foremost.:depressed Me and a friend of mine, are planning to build a two seater trike or ultralight sort of thing. We never have built or seen one in real life. We plan to keep the cost minimal. We weigh to about 130-135 kg combined. We can get...
  2. Sree

    Need Help With Building a Two Seater Trike/Ultralight

    Sorry!! I moved it to another category since i realized it belongs there better. I cant find a delete option. Sorry about that.
  3. K

    Looking to get into it with some plans, maybe a kit

    I'm young, only 35 years old. Planes have been in the family for decades, handfuls of Ercoups and a beechcraft. I know that I know very little about it all, but I feel the pull toward the sky. I long to soar again like when I was a teenager. Home-building is integral to the history of...
  4. G

    Experimentals and non-recreational/non-commercial activities

    This question isn't strictly about homebuilts but more broadly about the experimental category and the rules that govern it. I'm an atmospheric scientist, and there is atmospheric research that would be best conducted from an ultralight or at least from a very low-speed, lightweight aircraft...
  5. T

    22 hp V Twin Predator engine ultralight Aircraft (IDEA/project) ICON A5 REPLICA

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. So I've been planning on building my own ultralight for quite some time now. And although I wouldn't mind just buying a used one, I really just want to design one myself. I would like to post my idea for what I'm doing here and see if I can get some useful...
  6. GlassVampire

    Team Minimax plans now free to download

    Hello all, I didn't see this posted up here yet so I thought my fellow aircraft builders would appreciate it (not that I'm building anything yet!). Plans for the various models of wood-constructed Ultralight, LSA, and Experimental aircraft from Team Minimax (such as the 1100R Mini-Max,Hi-Max...
  7. C

    Ultralight wheels

    Good evening, I'm designing a small personal ultralight and I'm wondering what size wheels are usually run. What actually interest is what the smallest possible wheels are for a lightweight project like this. I'm designing a retractable wheel setup with very limited space. The aircraft would be...
  8. D

    Hummel Ultra Cruiser 2cyl volks 4 stroke ready to fly with some love!

    Hello. $5,000 OBO, Please do not be shy shoot me a offer! WILL TRADE ONLY FOR: Kawasaki KLR 650, Year is not as important as Mileage and condition, let's see what ya got! This was my late fathers airplane. He was not the original builder, he bought it from the man who built it. It has been...
  9. P

    Hello! I'm new to HBA!

    Hello! Ever since I was 3 years old, I loved airplanes. I always loved looking up at the sky and watching as airplanes flew by (Yes I am aware of that rhyme;)). In fact, I loved airplanes so much that I was basically the "Plane Guy" of my school. One day we had to choose a topic for a class...
  10. S

    ZENITH CH 701 (Now flying with twice reduced Price..$26, $24, now $22,950)

    ZENITH CH 701 • $22,950 • FOR SALE • Mfg. Completed 2015, AWC received from FAA 5/28/15, First Flight 7/26/15, 0.5 hrs. TTAF, Rotax 582, 2.5 hrs. SMOH, B-Box, IVO prop, elec. start/trim, X-ponder - specifications, history of construction and pics on request • Contact Cliff B. Stripling...
  11. skwier

    ultralight design for high altitude runway (airfoil, aspect ratio, loading, dihedral)

    Beginning a design of an ultralight (US 103) to fly from a base near 5400 feet (1640 m). Yesterday we had gusts to 39 mph (63 kph) with airs temps to 85 F (30 C) in clear air and no clouds within 10 miles. Take off in those gusts would be foolish, but they came up very suddenly out of a blue...
  12. B

    How much does a freakin' prop weigh?????????

    How much does a 36in diameter wood prop weigh for a 103 ultralight???? For the love all that is holly I cannot find the answer on google and it is really really burning my cookies. Obviously, i know "it depends" and "it varies" but come on. What do your props weigh? Is 4lbs +/- 1lbs a fair...
  13. M

    The Netherlands

    Hello Falcons ... I have a question ... Long story short .... What are the regulations of home building an Ultralight/microlight in the Netherlands? .. And What are the regulations of actually flying an Ultralight/microlight in the Netherlands? I recall we had a Dutch member here .. anyone...
  14. M

    1984 Phantom X1-Moving and can't take it with me

    Aircraft currently has the wings and stabilizers off as I am in the process of replacing hardware and cables. Fabric past strength test in January. All hardware purchased is AN type and per the assembly manual with purchase and repair log. Also have a brand new (factory rebuilt) zero time...
  15. M

    Legal Part 103 single-seat trike as flying boat (like Polaris or Sea Trike)?

    I am searching for an inexpensive low-n-slow Part 103 one-seater Trike with floats--no x-country, usage in favorable wind conditions only. Looking at the non-103 two-seater "flying boats" from Polaris and Sea Trike from the '80s and '90s gave me a crazy idea... why not use an inflatable boat...
  16. G

    Sea Plane/Glider/Thing Project Help

    Hey Everyone, My friends and I are making a glider that looks a lot like a FIB, we are new to building aircrafts, and would like advice on were to get parts on a budget, and lift to weight ratios. Thank’s for any help!
  17. B

    Anybody done aileron rolls or other "acrobatics" in 103 ultralights?

    To all the zombie pilots: in you former life did you try aileron rolls, "loopy loops" or a "flying ha ha" in a 103 ultralight?
  18. B

    Can FAR103 Ultralights have retractable landing gear?

    I know LSAs have to have fixed. What about 103ULs?
  19. D

    Ideas for an amphibious electric self-launch hang glider/ultralight

    Here are my initial ideas for an amphibious electric self-launch hang glider/ultralight: Use an ultralight trike wing or hang glider wing with strut bracing, and mount an electric motor and folding pusher prop to each strut. The concept would be similar to this: Wasp Wing twin engine...
  20. B

    VAMPIRE UL, 2-strokies, 300mi RANGE! Wowzers!!!

    Vampire 103 UL has a 300 mi range with a 20hp two stroke engine, cantilever wings, and its the coolest looking UL i have ever seen. Empty 250 and gross 550. Sadler Vampire - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia