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Airplane For Sale Sorrell SNS-8 Hiperlight [Project]

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Oct 30, 2021
IMG_0273.JPG IMG_0284a.JPG Photo Jul 31, 8 48 52 AM.jpg Photo Jul 31, 8 52 10 AM.jpg Photo Jul 31, 8 58 33 AM.jpg Photo Jul 31, 8 54 08 AM.jpg Photo Jul 31, 8 28 33 AM.jpg

This is a kit build which is 80% complete. New price: asking $15,500.

This Sorrell Hiperlight SNS-8 (Sorrell Negative Stagger) Bi-Plane is a single place biplane which can be completed as an ultralight, light sport, or experimental aircraft.

50hp Rotax 503 engine with dual carbs, dual ignition, and new from factory Type B gearbox. Several upgrades have been made to the basic kit by the builder/owner.

All parts to finish construction are included; minor hardware may need to be procured. Needs fabric on fuselage, final finish on wings and tail, and final paint.

Has been stored inside hangar at low humidity. Located north of Calhan, CO.

Much more information available at: www.nospinaircraft.com, or contact David Miller at 719-650-8667 or [email protected]
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