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Is there anyone on this site building Aircams that may have looked at the one at Tripple Tree in South Carolina. We have been working on a new wing concept for this aircraft over the past few years with one currently flying and a second Aircam in the works. Tooling is now complete for the new flaps and ailerons.
My son and I are considering building a mini max. Would there be any structural issues if it was built entirely out of Sitka Spruce ?
I would like to know more of your work and plans. It appears we have similar goals.
My goal from the beginning was just the desire to fly and commute in the 3rd dimension. Flying private planes/helicopters, hang-gliders or ultralights were never options and inaccessible for an average joe and city dweller like me. I wanted flying cars for the longest time but they never came and the VTOLs, flying taxis, passenger drones etc. I have little hope/interest in.
So aside from anti-gravity I think flapping wing propulsion is the only/best solution that could actually work. But like I said in your thread it isn't as simple as it looks, there's a lot we have to understand and learn before we can even attempt at making one. I believe I have a unique approach to solving it. So what about your goals? How do you think it can be accomplished?
Good morning Don,
I have chased around the headwind website but still cannot figure out how to buy Maximizer plans. Please advise. Digital is fine because the very first thing I always do is get plans scanned so I can work from the screen.
Thank you.