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Hi there I have a 02 Aeros UL 2000 Flamingo was build in the Czech Republic. Ultrolight looking for Engine and Prop is there anything les Expencef then the Rotax ULS with similar HP and Waight
It had acsident that dameaged the let compost Gear. Have riplaced both with Grove Alominum spring gear only 2 LBS heavier then Existing.
I was not yet really active here, so I do not know exactly how everything works with emailing and sending photos. But I will certainly understand the matter.
I write to you because I read (my English is very bad) that you like this plane. If it is possible for me I will send you some photos.
With flying greetings from springtime Switzerland
Last week we started the refurbished ROTAX 447 for the first time. Everything went perfectly. At the moment I am doing some small jobs and on Friday we will transport the DON to the airfield LSPN in Switzerland. There we will be checked by the Federal Office for Civil Aviation and hopefully we will be flying soon.