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Have cut the firewall and timber for the main bulkheads. winter now and way to cold for glueing. am going to do all the metal work now . I am a airforce trained specialist welder and i am looking forward to this bit. cheers craig
I know that I know nothing, but, I can't find the address to your website. I came thinking it may be hidden. But still cannot find it all those other hyperlinks came up- 404 no such thing, in different words. Will you write out the address for me? BTW, the "Kitplanes" hyperlink took me to a Herpe's page in Japanese language. Sign me, I'm confused.
How is the weather there in the south I hear Kodiak up to Fairbanks is getting lot of rain, I loved flying in Alaska when I was young.
It's been cool and wet, but plenty of nice days. Supposed to get up around 70 for a few days soon. Definitely not a drought like last year though.
Don, I suggest you keep the differential throws of the ailerons as they are. My flying Taylor and the two project sitting all have an extreme amount of up deflection and only about an inch or so of down aileron. That still requires a little rudder when rolling quickly. Any less differential effect and I think you'll run out of rudder trying to deal with gusts in a crosswind on touchdown.