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IN my plans the correct size not found. And what is the angle of attack of the wing installation when it is parked? I have no such information in the plan. Sincerely REM
Hi! I also own one of the BD-5B kit. I have a question for you. knibbindustries.com - /bd5/ the site you specified has a lot of useful information, but there are a lot of documents of very bad quality And many links are no longer active. Can you tell me where I can still find out what wing airfoils are installed at the wing root and at the wing tip.
Hello, Can I pick your brain about your brief time with the SQ2000? I read your posts on the Canardzone and here. I would like to hear what you learned in the process if you can spare the time. Thanks, Kenneth
Hi Dominic, please, do You have Jungster plans? Am looking for study materials, about wooden homebuilt bipe. Also Jungster II and Skyote could be interresting. I collected nice pack of plans and can exchange, for any interresting drawings. Regards, Jeri
Dominic Eller
Hey Simflyer, I can't give out any plans, as the rights to those are owened by Howard Almond and it wold breach copy right to share them sorry. I wish I had the rights I would freely publish them.
Hey Dominic, no problem, I'll respect Your opinion. You're building Jungster I ? Do You have any other interresting drawings and/or looking for any?
Dominic Eller
Sorry bro I don’t have any others, just the J1.
We're in Morgantown, KY, if you want to come see how we build composite experimental aircraft. I manufacture the entire airframe for Arion Aircraft (www.flylightning.net). It's mostly infused V.E. resin and fiberglass, with a bit of carbon in the fuselage, and an all carbon spar with epoxy. We're Factory Ten Aerospace Composites on FB, if you go there to kill time!