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Hot Wings
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  • Hi. Very nice CAD work. May I have the data on the AV-36 airfoil? Is there any washout in the design?
    I want to build a scale model of the Pelican, a low-aspect powered flying wing, which uses this airfoil.
    Hi Hot Wings,

    Thank you for not attacking me in my initial (maybe last) forum post (Wooden ribs and composite skin wings).

    The reception by some of the others has put me off from posting on the forum. After having spent many, many hours reading the "Aircraft Design / Aerodynamics / New Technology" forum, I've discovered there isn't much if anything that hasn't been tried before, including my idea.

    From all the post on this forum, one would conclude that anything that differs from the original Curtiss monoplane is a death trap and anything else is skirting death. Even Burt Rutan was purveyor of deadly machines if you believe the posts.

    I always believe there is a better way, even if it's different.

    -- Teri

    P.S. I have purchased and have started reading some of the books recommended by Orion (Bill Husa) to re-educate myself with some of the old ways of designing, not that math has changed since then.
    Added you as a friend here. You seem to be very level-headed and knowledgeable in aero, and willing to share!
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