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  • Dana,

    The wife and I are putting together a aerial tour of the west, which means west of Michigan. Where are you based? I was wondering if we might be able to stop in on you, shake your hand, see your bird, and discuss airplanes, etc for a bit?

    hi dana..
    sorry for my weak "english language" i am m Lebanese.
    i saw ur posts.. they r nice & helpful ..
    i have a 250cc "snowmobile" 2 cilenders 2 stroke engine, 90lbs, can i use it for my "under construction" affordaplane?
    i sow many posts about 1/2 vw but there is no one can build it in lebanon.. i wold like 2 get some advices from you and what kine of "motorcycle engines can i use if the 250cc is "underpower"
    Dear Sir,

    I have read your posts they are really great.
    I need this paper details. (Ultralight Paper Design)
    if you possible.

    Best regards,

    Go to Aircraft Design / Aerodynamics / New Technology and click the "Post New Thread" button...
    What you need to do is define your requirements... how fast, how high, how much it carries, how far it has to go, etc. Then, "220cc engine" doesn't say much; you need to know the power it develops, at what rpm, how much it weighs, etc. Without this information, any estimate or advice would be meaningless. Even with this information, neither I (or anybody) can design it for you, but we can help with specific questions. Again, I suggest you post your questions (with more information) in the general forum, not via PM... you'll get a lot more help that way.
    first I have an 220CC engine and asked to design an UAV which suitable for this engine
    Until now I decided about the design to be similar to Piper J-3
    But since I'm not expert in airplanes I don't know about the length of it or even the wings
    If you can give me the estimation of this please.
    I also have a hand sketch of my design I can send it to you.

    Thank you very much.

    Best Regards,

    Tell me more about your project... or post a message in the open forum, there are many knowledgeable people here.
    Dear Dana,

    I have read some of your posts they are really great.
    Im an undergraduate engineering student and requested to design an UAV
    so I need some help from you if possible.
    you can contact me here or at [email protected]

    Best regards,

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