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Feb 19, 2020 at 8:23 PM
Dec 1, 2011
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Marion, Ohio

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Feb 19, 2020 at 8:23 PM
    1. David L. Downey
      David L. Downey
      hi Aerowerx,
      I saw where you might have digital plans for the mini-coupe? are they still available for sale or is the design now in the public domain? if no longer available and you fave a copy i would be very interested in getting them. thanks!
    2. Gman1005
      Are you still in Ohio? I'm interested in the 4a084 you have.
    3. StarJar
      Hi Aerowerx,
      I find myself interested in the Horten style flying wing.
      I believe that my recent understanding of wood strips, would be so ideal for a an ultralight flying wing.
      The wood strips could contour the fuselage and wings, and be so incredibly light. Much lighter than thin plywood or aluminum skin.
      I feel I've created some advanced techniques with this, such as orienting the outer layer of strips for both structure and fabric gluing.
      Also spacing the strips closer at the root, where there is more twisting and drag loads.
      I think this could create a very light, strong and beautiful ul fw, or even LSA fw.
      Anyway I'd be willing to help if you ever want to go in that direction.
      I mean like, drawing up my structural ideas, as a minimum and and maybe more, depending on how much money I have in the next few years.
      Thanks for your recent postings, Casey, aka star jar.
    4. Aerowerx

      When I first saw your project log, I though that the Jig was your build! It does look like a fuselage structure, doesn't it?

      Looks good. I wish I had welding skills like that.

    5. FritzW
      Hi Aerowerx,
      Any progress? I'm very interested in seeing how the J1/J2 works out.
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    Marion, Ohio
    Current / Future projects:
    Currently working on a Ragwing RW4.
    Past Projects:
    Master's degree in electrical engineering.
    Only about 90 hours as private pilot, I want an inexpensive way to fly.

    Visiting small airports with an occasional cross country. I want an LSA design that has good performance but is not a 'cookie cutter' design.


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