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    Hi, my name is Nikolas. My company develops and manufactures ultralights and light aircrafts in Italy. I am a fan of warbirds myself and we have internally often discussed lately if we would takle such a project. Due to costs we would only build a scaled Replica. 75 to 90%, just like the Titans and Supermarines of this world, should be big enough. The Focke Wulf 190 could be an interesting addition to what is available in todays markets. We design in solid works and wonder if you would be interested in seeing your ideas get real wings one day. Looking forward to hearing from you, Nikolas PS: We produce our aircrafts in aluminum and only use composite materials where needed.
    Nice Avatar pic, always liked the Dornier Pfeil, Captain Eric Brown (living) flew one on a test flight an rated it. As far as I can see lowest drag solution for twin engine installation.
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