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  1. D

    What is the function of leading edge strip?

    https://i.stack.imgur.com/mciE7.jpg .....Hi,I understand the fuctions of every part of a fabric wing but not its leading edge strip,so what is its function?and can I remove the leading edge strip without hurting the wing performance?
  2. D

    How do I load test a wing?

    My airplane(plus pilot and fuel) weigh about 155kg,how do I calculate the total amount of load to test the wings with?
  3. D

    How do I load test a wing?

    Hello,am David and am attempting to build an ultralight airplane.
  4. b7gwap

    Swift discussion

    Folks: I’ve spent the last 6 months at my school doing a senior engineering project that has ended up being a tailless pusher UAV small enough to be man-packable and capable of delivering a NATO 40 mm grenade round against enemy personnel. I have read up a lot about nurflügel aerodynamics...
  5. K


    I have 2 engines. I am asking $750 each. I have another post with props that can be bundled with the engines. The engines are in good condition but I have not run them.
  6. S

    2 Seater Chinook Plus 2

    2-SEATER CHINOOK PLUS 2 • $3,000 Chinook Plus 2 (Birdman 2S converted). I bought her 7 mo ago and have only had the Rotax 503 dual carb air-cooled, electric start engine completely rebuilt at Aircore Aviation in Arlington, WA. It has not been broken in yet since rebuilt in July 2017. Includes a...
  7. K

    Tempest ultralight sailplane Moyes

    I sell my Moyes Tempest ultralight sailplane The airplane includes a pneumatic parachute and had previously installed a Snap100 engine, which is also included in this sale. I sell it as is, this means it has a bent left wing spar and some tear in the cloth because while it was stored a heavy...
  8. L

    What would be a reasonable CLmax estimate for the USA35A thick, high-lift airfoil?

    Hi, I'm trying to choose airfoils and establish wing dimensions (and high lift devices if needed) for my design. I have a low stall speed requirement (Vs0 = 42km/h [with flaps]), so I'm looking into high-lift airfoils with good stall and thick enough for a light spar. I'm trying to balance CLmax...
  9. L

    Looking for someone experienced to help me with my first "simple" airplane design

    Hi, I'm a high-school student just doing my finals next month. For a long time, I wanted to design and build airplanes, but had insufficient funds, time and workshop space. I did not waste my time though. Over the past year, I've been building model aircraft and studying aerodynamics. I've read...
  10. L

    Greetings from an aspiring designer!

    Hello everyone! :) I have scored thousands of hours in WWII aviation combat games over a past few years and I got hooked forever... Since then I've been learning, building and flying model airplanes (crashed a lot of them) and now comes the moment of truth: can I build a real airplane? I'm on...
  11. F

    Kolb? similar ultralight?

    Its time. Looking for something fun to fly in Canada while my current build is on hold, maybe a Kolb or similar 2 seat ultralight. Any Pireps on nice flying ultralight designs to look out for, old and new? Electric doesn't seem viable yet on price or endurance unfortunately. The possibility...
  12. K

    Pterodactyl Ascender x2 Plus Parts in Charleston, SC

    Good day, I have come to the realization that I need to sell these to get more funds for my other project. No use in having so many aircraft, especially when I'm tied down with other priorities and funds are holding me back. I have (2) pterodactyl Ascenders. I have not flown either one of...
  13. K

    Pterodactyl Ascender Ultralight Spare Parts

    Hello all, I have an additional Pterodactyl Ascender that I have decided to probably let go. The sail is in rough shape, but the poles and all other assemblies look good. I have not flown this one. This was included in a deal. I haven't completed an inventory quite yet (wanted to see if anyone...
  14. S

    USA FAR 103 Seaplane Riddle ?

    I dont think very many have ever figured out just what a jewel the FAA gave the USA in that they took the regular 254 pound weight limit and 25 pound parachute allowance and added a 30 pound allowance for a hull and two 10 pound allowances for sponsons. Specifically there are some pusher...
  15. P

    Low powered aircraft design

    Hello! Recently I have been interested in reading about aircraft with incredibly low power requirements. From light wing loading, to huge wing spans, or human power and engine power! I think, because of how much engines cost, affordable flight would be a single seat, low horsepower flying...
  16. W

    An introduction from Willardie

    Just thought I'd introduce myself. I'm a long time aircraft and aviation enthusiast, involved in things from kit building, scratch building, some experimenting and also some designing as well. I live in Canada and am mainly interested in ultralights, home built and giro-copters. My interest in...
  17. P

    Ding Shilu's Unbelieveably Cheap (and Terrifying!) Airplanes.

    I was looking around at Home built Airplane and Ultralight News, and I found out about Ding Shuli, a Chinese automobile mechanic that made 2-3 airplanes for incredibly cheap prices. I know another forum post was made on this subject, but I want to explore how he was able to construct his super...
  18. D

    PuddleJumper 14" Amphibious Floats Front Gear Installation

    Hello, I have a pre mid-1980's Puddlejumper Amphib Floats that have the old design with the front gear cable pull-up not the current telescopic design Puddlejumper has. Apparently when the company was sold, the new owners revamped their design and offer no help with the old design. I need to...
  19. P

    What is this budget Ultralight? Are there any catches/ design problems present?

    Hello, HBA, I found a picture of this ultralight, and I want to know it's name for further research, but I also want to know about any design problems, like how the fuselage bar on the top looks pretty thin, but is there anything else about it? Feel free to give your two cents about it!
  20. BuckTurgidson

    Quicksilver MX Sprint II (New, Used or Plans)

    Hey there, I am in the market for an MX Sprint II. If you or someone you know is interested in selling one please reach out to me. I have also heard of people building copy's so if you know where I could find plans to build one myself that would be great too. Thank you very much! Cheers, Tyler