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Legal Eagle project for sale

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Jun 9, 2018
Elyria, Ohio
Well, my VA Doctor made my decision to sell my beloved Spread Eagle project... Health is failing faster than previously thought.
From my Barnstormers ad:
LEGAL EAGLE PROJECT - ARF • $6,800 • ACCEPTING OFFERS • LEGAL EAGLE - SPREAD EAGLE UL TO XL. UL style dimensioned to XL landing gear, length, wings. Project is almost done with everything needed to finish. wings built and ready to cover. tail surfaces done. needs about 20-30 hours to be ready to fly. includes professionally built 1/2 VW 40 h.p. with Scat split port heads ( https://www.scatvw.com/cylinder-heads/split-port/ ), Culver 54 x 22 prop, carb heat box. 100 SMOH with engine log. Runs great! (see video) includes Garmin 500 GPS with dash mount. All Dacron to finish wings including tapes, rings, drain washers, rib stitch cord, instruments, laser cut dash, original plans sets, Carlson wing struts, Laser cut bellcranks, aileron horns & a big cabinet full of new AN hardware included! Experienced builder. All cables except aileron controls run. Health issues force sale. May part out. Over $8,000 invested. $6,800 or best offer. Please text first (due to spam calls) then call 440-506-2362 Ohio. email: More Pics available. N. Ohio - Videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuR6vH0OQImXxnYQ_oMJ1Fw