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Fusion 360 experts: Developable loft?


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Feb 24, 2008
Kanab, UT
I've been working mostly in Rhino so far because (a) I know it well and (b) it's great for defining OMLs. As I get closer to looking at structural stuff, been looking at Fusion 360 a bit.

Am I correct that there's no way to create a developable loft in Fusion 360 (other than doing it the by-hand way, matching tangents one segment at a time with segments small enough to make the approximation good)? Is there a feature hiding somewhere that might make this manageable? I'm spoiled by Rhino being easily scriptable, and then recently adding developable lofts as a direct feature, so going to miss this.

Alternatives for a workflow here? The manual approximation is one; maybe generate the developable surface in Rhino and import? Other approaches?