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  • Flying a PA28-181, N81260. Currently visiting Beth's cousin in San Bernardino, now it is firming up for us to fly north Monday am. We are planning to get a car, see Yosemite NP, and visit with another friend in the area too. Any recommendations on rental car companies and local lodging are welcomed.

    [email protected], 734-945-9672


    We are on a big tour of the west, and expect to be in Fresno Sunday or Monday and stay a couple days. Can we meet face to face, visit your shop etc?

    Hi! It does seem a bit out of place but do you know why Orion is inactive since last year?
    Up to my eyeballs in paperwork and planning for work. After the better part of six months not doing anything but writing policy and procedure manuals, etc I think I can finally start to return to fun things again.

    I saw you commented on a Eaglet in the past. I have come across a American Eaglet that was partially built. I would say fair condition being it has sat in a garage for 20 plus years. Trying to help a really great guy in a tough situation by helping him sell it quick. It is all there except for the prop. Any extra info would be great. Trying to figure out what to sell it for and where is the best place to get the quickest result. Great site and easy to navigate.

    Yes it a 1963 sa6b with continental a75-9 electric start. Yes it is mine. ibrought it home in june. Runs , flys well and in great condition. In annual now. check out this link scroll down to the rest of my bug pics

    Glad you are back :), hope everything is ok, I even created this thread but as you can see nobody knew anything.

    What share sight...pray tell....did you get the Cassutt plans at? How is that pronounced anyway? I know it sure looks as if I spelled it wrong.
    It appears these messages are posted publicly. No prob here.

    A flabob pilot lost power and got sideways on some furrows in the cow pasture, flipped over, and broke his nose. About that time, a Cherokee hit the high tension line at Colton. About 1978. Bert and Barthene Johnson sold the planes (C-150 $3,000!), and closed the air park shortly thereafter. Were ultralights invented by then? Did it reopen after I went back to Texas?
    Hey Bruce,

    Please convey some advice. It's entirely possible, if not likely, that I'm misreading the situation. I certainly don't want to upset tradition, relationships, and especially friendships among other members.

    Article 2 of the terms of use mentions "respect others". That hasn't always occurred per may private discussions. Paragraph two, sentence two, states that any activity that restricts others from using the website is prohibited.

    PTSD is one of several forget-me-nots that limit exposure to certain environments. Much political rhetoric invokes the impulse to rebut, etc.

    If I were afraid of airplanes I would not have an excuse or request.

    Any advice?
    Your kindness arrived immediately following a confrontation here and saved my day, Bruce. Do you make house calls too?

    Pinky! That topped it off good. I'm actually laughing now!

    Thanks a million, Bruce. I'm anxious to talk about old and new times when full recovery allows ...or anytime you desire.

    -Waldo (Dave Peach) Pepper
    Your beautiful bird looked familiar, bmcj.

    Deja vu. Born in Odessa, childhood in Fresno, dodged the cross atop Mt. Rubidoux many times when Colton had an air park but Art Scholl and Flabob had the gas. About four runs per day in exchange for flight instruction and still listed as the best job ever. Very little stick time in an a sufficient array of flying things since. Hope that changes someday soon.

    I'm quite pleased to become acquainted. And y'all have been my heroes. Thanks for all the help.
    Un-intuitive . placing canard same distance forward as rear positioned horiz stabilizer .
    It must be variable area and no lift .

    I will build a twin screw pusher with 3 sets of
    wings . 2 sets forward will be pitch controlled for heavy take-off . This allows shifting CenterLift to move during take off .
    a bit ahead of these are variable area horiz stabilizers . on takeoff , full area is exposed .
    They are not designed to stall .
    Dont fear , because you've never seen it in
    a book . Wright Bros flyer had forward positioned horiz stabilizers and vert'
    You simply have a sense for distabilizing horizontally til it flys ( CG ahead of CL ) .
    Then at high speed , move it aft .
    Hi Bruce,

    My house was struck by lightning last week. Even though my metal roof was grounded, it fried my computer, telephone, water heater, and wireless ISP I replaced all those things, and got a new, 24" iMac... wow, I love it.

    I have been flying my U/L about 5 days a week. The plane and engine have been amazingly reliable. I remember working on my early designs almost constantly, making improvements and doing maintenance.

    They started building a new wind farm about 20 miles from my base airport. It's fun having something new to fly to and see. The scenery is pretty boring here in west Texas.

    I think my plane will appear in the June issue of Aero Connections Magazine. It is due to come out very soon. I'm interested to see if it got the front cover. That magazine is available on line only now. The May and June issues are free. Future issues are passworded for ASC members only.

    Feel free to Email me directly. My Email address is at the bottom of all my posts.
    Uh oh! I don't know how to work the private messenger here. In fact, I didn't see your message until 3 days later. I hope this message goes to you and not to me or out for general viewing!

    I'm in Fresno now (YUK), and have been for the last 18 years. I am originally from Riverside and grew up there. I was a regular at Flabob Airport where I joined the EAA as a kid (late 60's) and participated whenever possible with Chapter One. You could find me out there whenever I wasn't in school, helping people like Flavio, Bill Turner, Ed Marquart, Jack Lambie, Art Scholl, and Jim Appleby in return for flying time or lessons (or just to help). I still try to keep close ties with the people at Flabob and try to get down there whenever possible.

    Bruce :)
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