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Jay Kempf
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  • Hi Jay
    I notice your avatar is a pusher. I too have some space in my mind for a pusher craft and have been thinking about problems unique to them. Obvious is the prop ground clearance as it presents a problem at rotate and flare. Especially so if a particular design looks best with short undercarriages!
    I want to hear about how you got around the clearance problem and what diameter you have in mind!

    Hi Jay,
    thanks for the info on 4x8 cnc costs and uses. I've been doing a lot of searching and found all the popular diy cnc sites, but most builds seem to be in the $3000 dollar range. You mentioned about $1600, can you point me to any build plans that would put me more in that ballpark. I'm guessing I don't need a metal table or ability to cut sheet metal, just looking to cut foam for now.
    Thanks very much,
    Hi Jay,

    I just posted in the forums on your link about your BD4. I would love to talk to you about this airplane. I've designed a couple of airplanes. Haven't built either but would love to help someone who would like to build one of them someday. I hurt my back when I worked for GTE (now Verizon), falling 40' off a pole. I'm not able to do the work any longer to build a homebuilt but I might be able to finish a BD4 build. Either way, I would really like to see your photos and then if I have questions, maybe even talk to you.


    Jay McMullan
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