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  • Hey, I was just wondering how your research into low aspect ratio deltas was coming along. In my simulations I tend to have a pretty hard time maintaining high cruise while trying to lower stall speed within acceptable AoA
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    Would it be possible to get Your design from your posted lifting body aircraft?
    Since i read the NASA study I want to build a full scale version of the Aircraft but I have problems to oganize a proper design.
    best regards
    Josef Binder

    Read your thread about the facetmobile; am familiar with the NASA study.

    I'm working on a "morphing" facetmobile which uses air bladders to control its shape. Well, it flattens and then inflates to the normal shape. It is intended to operate in the water, and to slightly submerge (only a couple of feet) for rough water survivability (think Golden Gate on a very rough day.)

    The flight envelope that I intend is less than 10' above water's surface.

    While the test models that I have made flew ok, I suspect my geometry was off. I've got a EULA kit arriving which is laser cut to test that theory, although your description seemed to describe same problems.

    Would you share your design modifications with me?

    Thanks for considering it.


    Mark Richard-Fogg
    Marin County (North of the Golden Gate)
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