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Dan Thomas
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    i am a final year engg. student so please send me a idea to make a chopper with help of two stroke petrol engine
    Hello Dan,
    In a previous thread on dual ignition systems, you mention the use of an arc block to connect two independent coils to a single spark plug. I've never heard of this and am curious. How do they work? Are there any available commercially, or are they only custom fabricated.


    Dear Dan,

    I'm from germany, Bavaria and I have a Jodel D11.
    Do you have any drawing or something else of your jodel D11? I'm going to restore this wunderfull plane and I need your help!

    Sibel Cava
    Any chance you are in the AZ (or a surrounding state) and you would let me come by with a high resolution digital camera? The reason I ask is because it is my understanding that the prints coming with the plane I am getting saturday are very faded, and almost unusable...it would be nice to get something that is legible.

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