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  • Tig welded. I have welded since I was a kid. Went to B&W's welding school to weld their coal fired electic power plant boilers when I young. All welds X-rayed. That was Tig and Stick. Also have gas welded most of my life. The JMR Special is my last tube fuselage, now I just don't have the eyesight and hands getting shakey.
    Your comment came to me, that I think was intended for flywheel
    Hi Pops, don't think the other HBA members are seeing what we did, just found his hands a bit "Stephen King" !!!!
    I wear gloves too, but blue :) ps; is your airframe gas or tig welded. Alan. UK Builder.
    That makes sense. I would rather have a cooler running engine for sure.
    Thanks again for the advice. I appreciate you taking the time for VW newbie questions.

    Here is a link to my build if you're interested.


    I put it there so family could follow along.

    Have a good week Dan.

    I have built VW engines for several people in the past and know what props that works on those aircraft. On the SSSC, I talked to Pops, ( died last Dec) at Culver props and gave him all the details about the engine and airframe and the 60"x26" prop was what he recommended. He hit it right on the money, perfect prop. A VW engine would never develop much HP with the rpm it would turn the 68"x 34", to much dia and pitch. The engine would run very hot with the high Manifold Pressure trying to turn the prop. My 60 HP, 1835 cc engine at WOT would turn the prop at 3150 rpm in a climb, static RPM was 2950 and I cruised at 2700 rpm at 80 mph. Fuel burn was 3 gph,. No cylinder head of oil temp problems. Lots of power, take-off in about 250/275'.
    Hi Dan,
    Thanks for getting back to me. I shortened the nose up a smidge and moved the wing mount forward an inch. That along with steel tailfeathers and the bigger tailwheel, I hope will get me somewhat close on cg.
    Thanks for the tip on the thinner gasket. I will do that.
    I am still putzing with all the fuselage stuff right now
    If you can still get decent climb at 5k' my slightly lighter bird should be okay...and should be quite fun.
    Can I bug you for another question? What made you choose that particular prop? After reading Mr Hoovers blog, I'm somewhat confused about prop choices. He seemed to advocate for a longer propeller than is used by...well everyone. I'm sure your familiar with his stuff, but the gist of what I read he was comparing it to an A40 torque wise and recommended a 68x34 like the A40 used. I have the feeling there is some missing information that I don't possess.

    Thanks again!

    Hi Pops,
    I've read a few of your posts today on vw's and was wondering if I could pick your brain?
    I'm currently building a beefed up legal eagle to utilize a full vw. I live just north of Phoenix Arizona and as you can imagine density altitude is an issue in the summer. The dirt strip we have available sits a hair under 2000' msl and summer temps can easily bring the DA up over 5000'. I am leaning towards building a 1835 or 1915 with the hvx mods to use versus the little half vw. Do you think its sufficient for a single seater that flys at around 650-700lbs(me included)?

    Thanks for your time.
    Looks like our comments to Chopper Girl were deleted by the moderators.

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    On the Turbo-Aero Vee. I like the way you think about the heads and maybe the 049 Revmasters would be the only way to go. The late Bob Hoover was spot on with his research on Thermal Barrier Coatings for the inside of the heads and Thermal Emitters on the Cylinder Fins. The Thermal Emitters I read are used extensively by NASCAR. I am reading coating the radiator allowed them less air opening for less drag as it reduced temps by 15 degrees F. Perhaps coating the Oil Cooler with it in a Turbo Installation wouldn't hurt as well. Also no word our Monnett and Co. are lubing the Turbo's bearing or is it an oil-free bearing but that is big bucks, I can't see them doing that.

    My best,
    Anthony J. Liberatore
    Canton MI
    "I would say something but afraid it might be considered hate".

    Averting one's gaze rather than bringing everyone's attention to a subject and making it even more popular is also a viable alternate.
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