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D Hillberg
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Jan 22, 2020 at 12:01 AM
Nov 24, 2010
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D Hillberg

Well-Known Member, from very low low low earth orbit

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Jan 22, 2020 at 12:01 AM
    1. kent Ashton
      kent Ashton
      Hi, FYI, my son is gay. I don't call him "queer" and I take offense at people who do. Gay people generally do not call themselves "queers". I asked the site administrator to delete your post. You have other choices: "gay" or "homosexual" are a couple.
    2. D Hillberg
      D Hillberg
      what doubts do you have?
    3. Mohanakannan
      Dear D Hillberg

      I've read your profile and I am glad to know that you are a helicopter pilot. I am right now designing a two seat helicopter teaming with a university and planing to build it in the near future, could you please help me in this regard by clarifying few of my doubts?

      To introduce myself, this is Mohan and I work for Airbus as a flight operations analysis engineer, I work with data from the flight data recorders. I have developed interest in helicopters a couple of years back and I am now in the process of designing one. It would be great if you could clarify few of my doubts.

      Thanks & Regards
    4. D Hillberg
      D Hillberg
      The Tandomouse, Two place,twin engine, See more on Helis helicopter history site, Aviastar the russian helicopter site or google hillberg helicopters.
    5. Turbinized
      Those choppers are cool that is a dream of mine as well, what's that Corbra looking machine?
    6. JMillar
      Is that a Holland lop? Looks like our two.
    7. Yogi
      Welcome from Commerce Georgia. Yogi
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    very low low low earth orbit
    Current / Future projects:
    EH 1-01 Rotormouse,Tandem EH 1-02 ,Sky Shark
    Past Projects:
    Helicopter pilot/mechanic/designer

    Any thing that flys