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  1. Orsovolante

    Model 17 Staggerwing 450-600Kg gross weight reply?

    Ok. I am at work away from home and from the pile of wooden slats that should become my airplane. I have a lot of time to think and every now and then an idea comes up again. Premise. In Europe the rules on ultralight planes are much more permissive, as far as I know, than in the USA. I think...
  2. Woodenwings

    Light Touring Amphibian - LTA-9

    I have been thrashing away for over 10yrs (on-and-off) on my own design. It uses the LSA amphibian specifications as a guide but will be made as an amateur-built (experimental) to allow me more artistic licence. Aircraft Mission: Just for me....not a commercial venture...unless someone buys...
  3. H

    Warner 185 radial

    My Facebook feed had a link to the Warner engine that they claim is about to be built again. I had heard they were going to be built again in New Zealand about a year ago. Anybody heard anything on this engine lately?
  4. B

    0 zero time 150 HP R3600 Rotec engine for sale, 2008 production, meets all AD's

    For Sale, New, never run, 0 time, 150 HP Rotec radial engine. We took delivery of this engine in August of 2008 at Oshkosh for a plane we were building in case we could not find an original rotary engine for it. It has never been run. It has been kept in our air conditioned, heated workshop...
  5. danmoser

    Two Konig 3-cylinder radial engines for sale! SC-430, one with redrive

    I am selling two Konig SC-430 engines. These are 3-cylinder radials, 2-stroke, 430 cc. They were acquired as part of a multi-aircraft purchase and were formerly used to power a SWIFT motorglider. I have no plans to use these engines, so they are for sale. Parts and new engines available from...
  6. P

    Lawrance radial

    While being asked to liquidate my friends property, I pulled out of the weeds a Lawrance 5 cyl. radial with a 8kw genset connected. It was exhaust up so the engine is frozen. Was used as a powerplant on a B29 Would be a great project for someone with an empty bench, Please email with inquiries...
  7. cluttonfred

    Homebuilt radials

    I am not looking for a Twin Wasp or Cyclone, just a nice, low-revving, direct-drive engine, say 3 or 5 cylinders and modest weight and horsepower, say under 200 lbs complete firewall forward and about 40-60 hp. That would make a great engine for any number of small replicas and would sound great...
  8. Mac790

    Help needed radial engine

    Ok this time I need some help. We (me and my school mates) have a little project for uni unfortunately I was sick so they decided for me and I just found out that we have to make a radial engine:ermm:. Unfortunately I'm not deeply knowlegable in this area so I need some help. I'm looking for...