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  • Hey Dan.

    Any chance you have found any drawings of the Predator 212 cc engine that go beyond the shaft and mounting drawings seen in the owners guide?

    I want something beyond this:

    So I can improve on this:


    To develop prototype cowlings.

    I have used image manipulation and CAD to come close using the images above and others. Because I have yet to receive my engine I cannot measure the real thing in a stripped down state.

    I am considering a slight offset of the thrust line to reduce cowling size.

    I have great drawings of the engine Leeon Davis used in the DA-11. I hope to find similar drawings for the Predator 212.

    Other larger Predator engine manuals have better more complete drawings. I have inquired by email to the US importer some time ago.

    Thanks for taking time to read this.

    Fly right,

    Don't let it bother you, even the best forums still have their ignorance. Dont let yourself think that people don't agree with you, they just don't show it. Ignorant people always show their ignorance... Try and ignore it.
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