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May 20, 2019
Aug 2, 2006
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May 20, 2019
    1. Riggerrob
      Dear Woodenwings,
      I am currently studying Solidworks and have an interest in folding wings.
      My first aviation job was folding Sikorsky helicopters on ships’ decks. I also have a few innovative ideas about folding wings.
      What is your mission ...... gross weight ...... trailer width ..... etc.
      Rob Warner
      FAA Master Parachute Rigger
      private pilot
      retired military helicopter mechanic, etc.
      1. Woodenwings
        Would you be interested in using email instead???

        Amphibian close to LSA specs but experimental to loosen the design a bit. Electric! Want to launch it like a boat and handle it like a boat. I live 300m from lake ontario...seems sensible it should get trailed from home to the lake!
        May 10, 2019
      2. Woodenwings
        Max width approx. 6'. See my gallery for deets.
        May 12, 2019
    2. Viper22
      Woodenwing - Let me know what you are thinking $$ wise ... -- let's take it off line if possible.
    3. simflyer
      Hi Woodenwing,
      Am interresting about Mite plans. I plan to build wooden plane and collected plans of many light aircrafts. Maybe could share them, if You're interrested.
      1. Woodenwings
        Hello I paid quite a lot of money for them because they're very rare and would rather sell them now that I know I'm not going to be able to plane then share them of course. I would like to recoup my cost.
        May 7, 2019
    4. airphoto

      My first message was a failure, as I posted it to myself! Pardon me for not answering earlier, as I had expected the message board to e-mail posts directly board members. I flew with Freddie Quarles out of the (now closed) UVA airport in 1964-65. He had a Mite and a new 4-seat Mooney at that time. The plan set is factory drawings .. very detailed down to the smallest part! Amounts to a tightly wound 3" diameter package. I've owned these since 1971 or so .. never been out of my possession, and presumed to be the complete set .. or, at least all of whatever was offered as a complete set.

      Make me a reasonable offer ..

    5. Rienk
      Hello Shane,
      interesting that i see your message, as it's been over a year since I've logged on here.
      All of our projects - including the Envoy turbine - have been on hold for quite a while. The economy has not been kind to us these last few years, and we've been barely able to stay afloat. But things seem to be turning around, and we hope to be able to complete both the Envoy and Solo projects next year. Welcome to Sreya Aviation and Welcome to Ayerscraft are where we'll eventually get info undated on these.
      if you want, you can always contact me directly at

      Regards, Rienk
    6. 460Cobra
      Hello, I found this thread stating you were interested in buying complete plans for the M-18-X. I came accross a set from my late father in laws estate. It looks to be a complete set of blueprints and 2 binders full of additional information. Please let me know if you are still interested in buying plans. I would like to see them go to someone that will use them. I also have a complete set for the VJ-22 Sportsman.

      Thank you,
      Jon Parker
    7. Jay Kempf
      Jay Kempf
      Hello Wooden iwings,

      Yup, My stuff is in Solidworks. I have looked at your site before. Very interesting stuff. I have really been delving into SW for some client projects. The last couple were in high purity and wind turbine as well as other rotating fan type work. That stuff is very interesting. I am one of those people that has found a niche making solidworks do things that people say it isn't good at like importing and lofting aero data.

    8. Woodenwings
      Hi, Interested in chatting with other designers and visionaries/crackpots.

      my project looks like this (it is my project!):
      Propulsive Wing Projects: Albatross Airplane
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