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  • Hi Seb.
    I am 3,500 miles from home picking up an 80% complete kitbuild. It's that Teal Amphibian thing I was looking for photos on.
    I haven't kept up with the posts because I keep getting knocked off-line here in Maine. I did get your message that you are OUT. Nothing to worry about. It would be like herding cat by the looks of it.
    No problem at all. It appears there are too many people with "tender" feelings, or egos, to ever actually get anything done. It is a learning curve for me. I'll go back to being a fly on the wall. It's better. Seemed like a good idea at the time.
    Best regards,
    Glad to have you aboard Seb. I'm trying to surround myself with the people who know what they're doing... hoping a little might rub off on me.

    Bruce :)
    Hi guys,
    So what's up with the Friends feature of the forum? One message to all?

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