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  • Matthew. I have posted an update on my Plank aircraft under plank progress. However it has not appeared in the new postings and also the videos will not load. Could I ask you to look at it and sort it out like you did before, Thanks
    Where are you these days? Use your platform to write and to promote aviation. Some of us still like to read.
    I revisited the thread I started back in 2012 and noted that you were the first to respond. The Tony Bingellis books that you then mentioned I do own, and have referenced many times; I thought it good that you knew about this collection also. I can only guess at what you do to buy the bacon, but expect it to be quite interesting. I have just finished reading all of the Antoine De Saint-Exupery books so will revert back and finish up on the Alaska and Canadian bush flying accounts available. I don't hit the bar anymore like back in my early bachelor military flying days; I read and reflect more now and look forward to purchasing another vintage aircraft. You can't have too many airplanes 'ya know! (This is what I tell my wife anyway). Best wishes and get to flying; life is only so long 'ya know...
    Very positive thoughts, Mark, thanks for sharing. You sound a like you've got a little bit of Richard Bach in you!
    I have read the book by Beryl Markham, "West with the Night" and have seen the film " Out of Africa" and think the flying in East Africa to be most interesting, if not romantic. I have read many books, not only of USA aviation history, but that also of South America, Europe, and Africa. My library contains accounts and authors from five continents. If only we could impress upon all humankind the oneness that aviation suggests, perhaps we could all be a bit more happy in this world. My life has been aviation with over 25,000 hours aloft, military, airline, and general aviation. I also gained an A&P mechanic authorization. I grew up on a cattle farm in the upper Midwest of the U.S. and have traveled very far from home since then, but the old values are still true! We delight in our acheivements and care for our values. Let no one take this from us!
    Thanks, my work take my family and me to a new country every few years, great in many ways, but that lifestyle pretty much scuttles any hobbies the require substantial tools or shop space, so I am biding my time until a U.S. assignment or my retirement.
    Thanks for your interest. Perhaps it is time for you to build an airplane also; I will bet that it will be a good one! Mark W
    Hi Matthew

    I am trying to get in touch with Terry Taylor regarding plans for the Monoplane, but his web site is still down. Could I trouble you to PM me his email address.

    Cheers Chris
    Sorry, I'm afraid I can't help you. It's true that I have been living in Morocco for about three years, but I haven't done any flying here and I am about to move to Kenya.
    Assalam Matthew,

    My name is Said. I am originally from Casablanca and have been living in the states for 22 years now. I became pp in 2001. Last year I visited Morocco and stopped by Tit Mellil in quest of info about flying in Morocco for fun. If you don't mind I have some questions.
    This is my club website in the states: http://www.skyhighfliers.org/
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