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    Sea Plane/Glider/Thing Project Help

    Hey Everyone, My friends and I are making a glider that looks a lot like a FIB, we are new to building aircrafts, and would like advice on were to get parts on a budget, and lift to weight ratios. Thank’s for any help!
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    Unfinished Projects near Atlanta and Chattanooga

    I have two projects that need a good home, and finishing. The first is a covered fuselage for an Osprey I single seat amphibian. These were also known as the X-28. The plans are available for $150 from the original designer. With the fuselage I have control cables and retractable gear that...
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    Start project - 1100R miniMAX

    Hey guys! the 1100R miniMAX will be my first self built aircraft, so i thoght thet i could use some help from you guys. I downloaded the plans (they are free by the way ) of this plane becouse it seemed to be the most basic and easy to built for a beginer... ill be glad to get some tips or...
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    1,000lb "plane"

    Hi I'm new ere and to project planes,but not to building other things. I want to build this from the ground up as a prototype design I have, but while I wait on my Raymer's book to be delivered . I have some questions I'd like answered: 1: To lift a combined...
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    Taylor Titch project and O-200A Engine

    60% complete Taylor Titch for sale. Work done to date is by a master aviation craftsman. This is the 3rd homebuilt by this craftsman. Two other completed projects were a Maule and Lancair IVP. Airframe is covered in fabric and most of it painted perfectly in silver without any mottling or...
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    Ducted fan aircraft

    In a lot of RC aircraft an electric or gas ducted fan is used as a source of propulsion. Hypothetically could a small aircraft piston motor be used to create a life sized ducted fan style system for a small aircraft? Or would that engine not be capable of high enough rpm/torque levels to create...