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  1. Ardent

    Murphy Rebel 50%, Prince George B.C. $13,000US or add O-320

    Evening, I have two Rebels, one flying on floats and one part way build that I’ve decided to part with, as a direct result of having the one flying on floats. I’d estimate the build at 50%, and everything but the landing gear appears to be there. The spar / wing inspection hasn’t been done, but...
  2. N

    Ultralight questions

    Hi, I am fairly new to the world of ultralights and I have a few questions I was hoping you could answer about an ultralight I would be hoping to base my own project off. (Some of them are probably very stupid) All of my questions refer to the Quicksilver MX Sport...
  3. MauleOwner

    Two Seperate Hatz Classic Projects

    I have recently acquired two Hatz projects to sale for the current owner. I do not have the original plan sets or serial numbers at this time but are expected to arrive by courier in the next couple of weeks. Projects #1 – Hatz Classic – Project began construction in 2005 and ended in 2013. No...
  4. K

    Thatcher CX-4 Project $8000 NE WA

    This is from Barnstormers; is the seller, the daughter of the last custodian. This plane has an interesting history. It was built by Scott Casler, the Hummel Engines guy, probably the pre-eminent VW Aeroengine dude in the country now...
  5. fixnflyr

    A&P Mechanic needed in Savannah GA., Great pay plus free use of our airplanes.

    We need two more A&P mechanics in Savannah at Savannah Aviation. We are growing fast since we bought it a year ago. We are a full service aircraft maintenance shop and Cessna/Beech service center. We opened the flight school back up in March 2019 and we have 7 instructors and 10 airplanes for...
  6. Maxray

    Legal Eagle project for sale

    Well, my VA Doctor made my decision to sell my beloved Spread Eagle project... Health is failing faster than previously thought. From my Barnstormers ad: LEGAL EAGLE PROJECT - ARF • $6,800 • ACCEPTING OFFERS • LEGAL EAGLE - SPREAD EAGLE UL TO XL. UL style dimensioned to XL landing gear, length...
  7. R

    BD 4 project for sale

    This BD 4 project was flying at one time. It had some hail damage and was torn down and stored inside for many years. There is no engine, the wings are fiberglass, the plans and some metal for the tail is included. It is being sold by my EAA Chapter 865 in Niles MI. We are not BD 4 experts so...
  8. recmob

    Experimental Aircraft / Homebuilt Fuselage

    Designing / Building your own design? Here's a great start! 4130 Welded Airframe Side by Side Seating Airframe was originally a Merlin GT (motor mounts are set up for a Rotax 912ULS, NO engine included!) Airframe has 150 Total Time Includes: Fuselage w/ Vertical Fin & Rudder Stabilizers...
  9. M

    Christavia MK1 AND MK4 plans for sale

    I have been too busy to even touch them since 2011. So, I have decided to sell. MK4 is plans only. I have most of the MK1 wooden wing components cut out and ready to glue. Have wing rib jig. also have gussets and nose blocks ready to cut. IF you had the metal components and some spars...
  10. T

    osprey 1 amphibian

    selling osprey 1 project. 75% complete. Fiberglass construction. open to offers
  11. R

    BD4 Project, For Parts or Finish

    This BD 4 was flying until it acquired some hail damage. It has been stored in a hangar for many years. However, there is very little if any corrosion or damage. It includes plans, construction booklets, wings, fuselage, parts for the tail, interior and gear. No motor. This would be a great head...
  12. S

    [SOLD] 1955 Stits Playboy SA3B

    Up for sale is my 1955 Stits Playboy. This is the first two-place Playboy that the late Ray Stits built in 55'. Continental O-300A. Delco Remy Generator, Delco Remy Starter, McCauley Prop, New Battery, New Fuel Lines, New Glass, New Plugs, Bendix King KX 125 NAV/COMM, Narco AT 50...
  13. C

    Challenger II XL-65 Kit For Sale

    CHALLENGER II XL-65 KIT! • GREAT OPPORTUNITY • Challenger 2 Light Sport XL-65 complete kit. Fuselage is rolling and one wing nearly complete and ready to cover. Includes EVERYTHING needed to complete - including Oratex covering fabric, new Rotax 582 blue head, reduction drive, prop, interior...
  14. C

    Glasair RG project

    Looking for Glasair RG project, any condition, missing parts OK. Email us at [email protected] any info on your project. Need ASAP.
  15. T

    please Help..Unknown manufacturer

    I have a parasol winged ultralight that I have bought, the person I bought it from got it in Arkansas at an estate sale the original owner had passed away so I have no history. It is Parasol wing, square aluminum tube (keel tube) from engine mount to the vertical stabilizer attach point, 1"...
  16. T

    22 hp V Twin Predator engine ultralight Aircraft (IDEA/project) ICON A5 REPLICA

    Hey guys, new to the forum here. So I've been planning on building my own ultralight for quite some time now. And although I wouldn't mind just buying a used one, I really just want to design one myself. I would like to post my idea for what I'm doing here and see if I can get some useful...
  17. P

    Hello! I'm new to HBA!

    Hello! Ever since I was 3 years old, I loved airplanes. I always loved looking up at the sky and watching as airplanes flew by (Yes I am aware of that rhyme;)). In fact, I loved airplanes so much that I was basically the "Plane Guy" of my school. One day we had to choose a topic for a class...
  18. K-Rigg

    Need something custom made?

    Post it up on and get vendors to bid on the project for you. No obligation and free to use for all! Sign up as a customer, vendor, or both. Thanks
  19. D

    Wittman Tailwind W-10 Project

    Wittman W10 project for sale. This project is very far along, there are many items completed: fuselage and wings built and covered, painted, on main gear, already have tail spring and tailwheel, seats completed and in, interior started, control surfaces completed and mounted, rudder cables ran...
  20. T

    Zenith Zodiac 601XL-B $35K neg

    2008 Zenith Model 601XL-B, Experimental Aircraft Kit. Currently 80% finished. Complete is the fuselage, vertical and horizontal fins, wings, electric trim (flaps, aileron, elevator), and wheel pants. Duel throttle and sticks. New Corvair 100HP engine, including instrumentation. Has 30 gallon...