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Wittman Tailwind W-10 Project

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New Member
Jun 2, 2015
Pottsville, PA
Wittman W10 project for sale. This project is very far along, there are many items completed: fuselage and wings built and covered, painted, on main gear, already have tail spring and tailwheel, seats completed and in, interior started, control surfaces completed and mounted, rudder cables ran, doors about 50%, tank done, control horns made, panel was just started but is bare, ready for any customization, firewall forward bare. Will not take much time or money to finish.Things have changed and I can no longer afford to keep spending on avionics/engine. Many extra parts, materials, etc. Please call or email me if interested. I am located in Pottsville, PA and the plane is at Bendido airport 74N, about 30 minutes from Pottsville. I have many more pictures if interested.Asking $10,500
[email protected]

IMG_0572.jpgIMG_0061.jpgIMG_0016.jpgphoto 4 (4).jpgTail.jpgphoto 3.jpgIMG_0049.jpg
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