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Oct 19, 2003
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    1. jedi
      I would like to chat about wing spars for ultralight type aircraft without typical ultralight wing construction. I am thinking of a different take for a light weight cantilever wing not a tube leading /trailing edge wing with external cable brace.

      Call or text a time that would work well for you. Grant Smith 425 495 7946.
      1. wsimpso1

        Busy the next couple evenings, let's do email. Can you talk during the day? I am retired...
        Apr 10, 2019
    2. bmcj
      Absolutely. I'll PM you with my phone and address. Are you flying or driving?
    3. PTAirco
      Yes, right on the airport. About midfield, WEST of the fuel station that has a big umbrella-thing over it. (Not east - I'm directional;ly challenged.) Just give me a call or text or e-mail with an ETA when you're around.
    4. Dana
      Love to get together, but I think Connecticut is a bit off of any "tour the west" itinerary...
    5. PTAirco
      My phone no is.................. E-mail:

      I'm located at 1951 Airport Drive, hangar 26. It's midfield, just east of the fuel station. Give me a heads up when you're getting into this area. I'm almost always here. CB
    6. PTAirco
      Hi, of course - always happy to meet HBA people and talk airplanes!

      My own projects are currently stored in a container in Henderson at the moment, unfortunately. I currently have a Callair in the hangar here, getting fixed up, "cheap and fast", like the owners want. Corona has lots of interesting things going on, lots of homebuilts and antique airplanes and really nice people.

      What will you be flying?
    7. Rockiedog2
      I don't think you will want to come in my strip with that PA28
      Here's the muni about 5 miles from me

      AirNav: KGNF - Grenada Municipal Airport

      about 40 miles S of Oxford

    8. Rockiedog2
      I am honored.
      We can sure try to make it work. There's nothing at this time that I gotta be away for that I know of. Ellen is booked with her twin grandson's baseball and Ole Miss baseball(in fact she is in Oxford now for games both teams this weekend; she is a meathead) til about end of June I think so yeah when it gets closer give me a call 6624177185 or PM with your schedule. I dunno what kinda plane you got and my strip isn't good for most but I can pick you up over at the muni if that would be best. We will work that out no problem.
      Yeah; I'd like that Bill.
    9. GESchwarz
      How far along are on your design and/or construction? Do you have a thread that describes it?
    10. wsimpso1
      One way clutches work at decoupling a system. They are most appropriate when you have resonance that you have to accelerate through to get into your operating range, but the acceleration is slow enough that you spend too much time near the resonance point.
    11. quickcut
      Good day bill
      I know that you have discussed tv etc to the nth+1 degree . My question is on a psru could the usual rubber coupling not be augmented by a one way clutch on the propellor shaft (mounted in the gear/toothed pulley). Would this not help with the propeller generated resonances. thank you in advance

    12. Mohanakannan

      I just read one of your reply thread, in that you have discussed about making moulds for fabricating fibreglass shells. I am interested to know more about fibreglass fabrication and design. Is it okay for you to discuss with me on that.

      Thanks & Regards
    13. wsimpso1

      I just caught this. Sorry...

      Spars are covered elsewhere, but not very thoroughly. Ooops. Limited to 1000 characters. Send e-mail and I will send my detailed note.

    14. Bimini57
      Greetings Bill:

      Love your project! I've been following closely and the pictures are great.

      Could I ask you for a little more information about your spars? Also, what kind of foam are you using?

      Thanks again for all of the great information you've posted. It's most inspirational.

    15. pods8
      Bill, it looks like you have you're PM blocked or something as I don't see that option. If you are able shoot me a PM back with your email and I'll get that spreadsheet over to you to check. Thanks!
    16. LArzfromarz
      Hi Bill,
      A couple of questions wrt the wing build out.
      Since I may be forced to design a wing for my application i thought I'd ask...
      What is the rough size of the wing you've built for this project?
      What is the approximate finished dry weight of each wing/spar?
      How much time investment was required to reach a closed wing?
      Is it possible to estimate the materials cost for what you've done (wing wise)?
      Just trying to get a semi real world comparison to building a metal wing, Thanks.

      Kind regards,
    17. Jan Carlsson
      Jan Carlsson
      Hi Bill, Hope you are all well, your pictures looks good and is visible to as you understand, sure you can explane what stuff you have under the plastic in background, (joke) Jan
    18. Rom
      Bill your photos didn't show up in the postings. Perhaps the bird is stealthy.
    19. steveair2
      Hi Bill, Thanks for posting your build thread. For some reason I can't see the pictures you posted. Sounds like a great design.
    20. dustind
      Hello Bill,

      Could I also get a copy of the spreadsheets?

      Thank you,

      Dustin Doyle
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