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  • Jaroslaw Janowski flew with his J-1B. Do you have any idea on which airfield he flew? I would be very happy if you could answer this question.
    My goal would be, if everything works well and I have enough experience with it, I would like to fly from Switzerland to Poland. Unfortunately I don't know on which airport
    We are about to have the final inspections and checks by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation. I think it will be August.
    Hello Henryk, you ask me if my J-1B has flown. Yes, but that was the last time almost 30 years ago. I was able to buy the plane cheap and am currently restoring it together with the EAS (Experimental Association of Switzerland).
    -sorry,Henri,I was finde Yours
    only yet...
    I was know Jaroslaw in youth (He visited auer Amateur Building Club in Krakow)_
    But my old Fellow,Andrzej Dabrowski was in good relations with Jaroslaw (was build PRZASNICZKA).
    Iff You want,I can contact You with Him...?
    my e-mail henryk.doruch(at)gmail.com
    Ahoj Henryk, tydzień temu byłem w Polsce i latałem śmigłowcem nad Bielsko-Biala. U nas jest na sprzedaż Mitchellwing B10 i Falcon Ul canard. Myślisz, że ktoś by się u ciebie zainteresował?
    Hi friend. I m making a ultralight plane I need some help.
    Hello , I'm very curious of your system can you explain to me ?
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