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  1. S

    Scott Ol' Ironsides in Carbon

    I am and was a Fan of Tailwind. But - can't justify to build it as is. Plus - have some experience with composites, which i would like to use. Also - have not found any topic about this great one airplane. And absolutely like shape of fuselage for it. For me it is a total harmony. Sadly -...
  2. dcstrng

    Larson 11 -- Anyone recognize ?

    The other evening I ran across this single-place, highwing on YouTube, described as "Tailwind type aircraft with aluminum wing and A-65..." Neither Google nor Forum (TW or HBA) searches found much of anything additional, other than it may be N112WT registered to a Greg Larson of Milwaukee...
  3. D

    Wittman Tailwind W-10 Project

    Wittman W10 project for sale. This project is very far along, there are many items completed: fuselage and wings built and covered, painted, on main gear, already have tail spring and tailwheel, seats completed and in, interior started, control surfaces completed and mounted, rudder cables ran...
  4. Bill Clapp

    Azalea Aviation LLC - Spyder Corvair conversion engines and experimental aircraft

    Hello to all. We are Azalea Aviation LLC and are located in Valdosta Georgia. We currently are producing a 100 hp version of the corvair auto conversion we call a Spyder Engine. We also are beginning to produce a 120 HP version as well. In the aircraft arena we just finished the...
  5. Bill Clapp

    Information and Products for Corvair Power - Azalea Aviation

    To all, For those interested, Azalea Aviation LLC is providing information and products for corvair enthusiasts. Check out our website at azaleaaviation.com We will respond to direct questions when able. Thank you. Bill Clapp
  6. Bill Clapp

    New Member Thank you

    Thank you to Homebuiltairplanes.com for your welcome to this forum. My name is Bill Clapp and I am the CEO and owner of Azalea Aviation LLC in Valdosta Ga. azaleaaviation.com The last few months we have been looking for a forum site that would meet some of our needs in responding to some of...