What could be done to reinvent the Affordaplane to a more homogeneous project?


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Oct 23, 2016
I'm finally about to get my A-Plane started, I purchased the plans almost as quickly as Dave published them and later bought the updated version, I actually started the build some time ago but building other folk's kit airplanes and working on my own design, and life got in the way and many of the original parts and hardware was either used or disappeared, but now I am ready to start again and possibly build without pause this time. I have several modifications in cosmetics and structure with backcountry flying in mind since the terrain here is mostly rough and unprepared. I am still happy with a single seat since there is no one I care to be sitting behind me in this type of flying.

Basically I have revised the airfoil and thickness of the wing as well as the structure through redesign utilizing composite construction, the wingspan increases by 15%, some of that is carbon wingtips.
*I have redesigned Avid Flyer style flaperons and linkages, carbon not metal.
*We want to do CFD testing on a fixed slat, full span and 3/4 span.
*I have slightly revised the empennage aesthetically and control surfaces will be balanced.
*The 'cabin' will be a partially enclosed composite structure with a full cowl for either the:
*Vittorazzi 50hp and E prop or I already have two Cayuna 430 engines from my Eagle XCR that could work well with upgrades and fixed pitch wood props.
*I have access to a DRS recovery system for a Quicksilver or Challenger class ultralight that we want to test and fit
*I want to redesign the main gear with shocks with around 8" of travel that are actually very light and tundra style tyres and a simple braking system adapted from the Eagle.

The drafts drawings have been done as well as much of the maths (including cost) and I am very pleased with the direction this is going and obviously excited to get started. Besides being unique and tailored to my exacting aesthetic I want something that is rough and ready that turns heads, something I would be proud to have in the hangar, not just the cheapest airplane I can build, for the ultimate cost I could look at more refined aircraft yes but I always loved the A-plane and it is an important life ambition that I build and fly it, in these crazy times it's become even more important to me so here I go. We are also developing a foot-launched rigid wing glider that is hyper light and the A-Plane would serve as a great tug platform for testing.

Does anyone have an accurate 3D structural model of the A-plane I can use?


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Sep 5, 2011
just what is the A planes safety record . to hear some of you gentlemen speak of it you would think it would be raining A Planes from the heavens . The owners / builders seem to think quite highly of them .

Go to the FAA Website and search for Affordaplane Accidents. The vast majority of all Aiplane Accidents are Human related, not structural. Same for Engine Failures, most are Human related!