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  • Hi Ekki, Good day many clouds!How is everyones dream progressing? How is yours turning out?Are you on the Fauvel? Maybe a whole new departure? A flynano?Curious to hear about your adventure!By the way I like your avatarRegards!Sangwa
    Hi Erkki, I will help in any way I can. What is your level of knowledge on aerofoils so I can explain better my design. Where are you based in France..Hughie
    If they were for roll only, why not . ;-)
    otherwise I would prefer the classic method.
    bst rgds

    Yes, it's only my available and limited space that's forces me into the 'engine' development chapter.
    What do you think about using 'controlwings' on the BAP? I had no intentions to get in the way of Bernard Geffray
    but my last respect for the man has vanished.
    Using the concept of George Spratt enlightens and simplifies the build.
    It's also real easy to change the wing-load by connecting an other pair of wings.
    Any thoughts?
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