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Victor Bravo
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  • "and Elvis is sitting on top of Obama's birth certificate". Always a reason to bring Obama into the conversation isn't there? You do realize that the State Department conducts an extensive background check on anyone running for President and we're talking a little bit more involved than contacting someone's former boss at Taco Bell for a reference. Even Donald Trump and the Koch bro's with all their billions of dollars haven't been able to find the "real" birth certificate. Nearly 8 years later and we're still waiting.

    But maybe you're right. After Obama was born in a mud hut in Kenya the local voodoo priest had a vision he would be President one day so his mother called in a birth notice to a Honolulu newspaper to cover his ass. Did you also know that as a 2 year old he was the shooter on the grassy knoll?
    I just mentioned you in the model weight post!

    Any way you could fly up here? Building the Staggerwing uppers and we need to talk about the Avid. I'd come down but totally slammed here until the end of the year.
    Thanks ! What kind of biplane is that in your avatar photo... looks like a reduced scale D-7 with a VW???
    I have enjoyed and concur with your posts. You have an interesting dialogue and profile. Mark W
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