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Bill Clapp

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Feb 16, 2015
Valdosta Ga
Hello folks...Happy Holidays to all of you. It has been a while since I have posted any updates or info. Lots has happened in the last year here at Azalea Aviation. The Saberwing line is starting to do well. Our Prototype Saberwing has been flying for FOUR years now. It has logged over 400 hours and now has about 200 hours on the 3.1L Turbocharged Spyder Corvair Engine. Larry B. finished his Saberwing a year and a half ago and has about 200 hours on his. Larrys Saberwing is unique as it is built out of many kit components but some one-offs as we were still working on production molds. He first flew with a 100 HP Spyder engine and has just upgraded to a 205HP IO-360 Lycoming....a bit of performance increase. Just WOW! We have sold 15 Production kits and the first complete production kit is nearing completion at this time. We should see about five more Saberwings flying within this next year. I am looking forward to seeing five or six at Oshkosh 2019.
We also are running the airport at Cook County Airport (15J) where you can always stop in to visit. We have a monthly BBQ and Fly-in as well...check us out on Social Flight app. We would love to show you what we do...its a lot.
Don't forget to check the website … azaleaaviation.com

It has been good seeing all the HBA guys that show up at the Oshkosh Homebuilt Headquarters every year. Keep it up!

IMG_7848.jpg Merry Christmas yall!


don january

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Feb 10, 2015
Good for you Bill and Saberwing family. Web site is looking great. Saberwing coming to a airstrip near you.;)