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Bill Clapp
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Apr 27, 2019
Feb 17, 2015
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Valdosta Ga

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Bill Clapp

Well-Known Member, from Valdosta Ga

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Apr 27, 2019
    1. Bill Clapp
      Bill Clapp
      Hey Shawn - glad you got it ...Hope it is a solid ring gear - dont use the webbed ones. As far as a test stand I made one off a VW frame and some 2"X 2" square tubing...Pic on our website and facebook --- looks like a tractor and red Baron... You can also use your motor mount if you have one and attach to something solid...If you use your motor mount you can test fit intake and exhaust as well....Or bring it down here and we can test run for you....
      Wish you the best....if you have more questions please let me know.
    2. spduffee
      Hi Bill!
      I finally got around to purchasing a new ring gesr from William. Do you have any good suggestions on how to build an engine test stand? I don't need to pull it around with a truck, just stationary. Any advice would be appreciated.
    3. Eagle
      Have you given any thought to writing an article detailing your innovations and improvements to the Corvair engine and publishing it in "Contact" magazine? You probably are already aware of their yearly forum gathering for conversion engines. I think they moved it to LA now. They have published several definitive articles on Corvairs, so it would bring your business a little more notoriety, but would also present your innovations in an organized fashion and have pictures to aid in the presentation.
    4. don january
      don january
      did you forget about the WAF business?
    5. Mark W
      Mark W
      I am impressed as to you as a "doer." Keep doing. Too many can't seem to get going it appears sometimes today... Best Wishes, Mark W
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    Valdosta Ga
    Current / Future projects:
    Finishing test phase of the Saberwing and will bring to public in kit form. Am working on LSA version and on an improved version for next year
    Past Projects:
    KR2, KR2S, Tailwind, Saberwing
    Graduated of Moody Aviation
    A&P, commercial,instrument, CFI
    CEO Azalea Aviation LLC

    Grew up around airplanes on the mission field. Leared to fly at jungle aviation school. Been flying experimentals since 1993. Built three airplanes and designed / tested one. Working on next design.


    Bill Clapp
    CEO Azalea Aviation LLC
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