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  1. Daleandee

    1st Corvair powered Murphy Rebel

    This just came up on William Wynne's blog. Not a lot of information yet but something to watch as Rob goes through testing ... Story is here: Rob Schaum’s Corvair / Rebel
  2. Daleandee

    Need High HP Corvair Engine?

    In fantasy land of course but this company calls it a Corvair ... but it ain't even close to the original. More like a Camaro. I like the comment one poster added below the article; "They skinned a Jack rabbit to put the hide over a possum." 😆 FWIW ...
  3. Bill Clapp

    UPDATE to the SABERWING Line....

    Hello folks...Happy Holidays to all of you. It has been a while since I have posted any updates or info. Lots has happened in the last year here at Azalea Aviation. The Saberwing line is starting to do well. Our Prototype Saberwing has been flying for FOUR years now. It has logged over 400...
  4. S

    WW Corvair Conversion Manual

    I was going through my books today and found this manual. I don't need it anymore. Maybe someone else can use it. It is not the 2014 version available for $75 on his website, but I bought it in March 2014. I made some notes here and there but all-in-all it is in good shape. I did not build - I...
  5. D

    Bunch of Wynne Corvair Parts New In Box - Discount

    Airplane Engine Corvair Conversion New Hard to Get Parts | eBay
  6. R

    Motor Mount for Zenith CH750 Stol 2nd Ed Corvair Engine

    Motor Mount for Corvair Engine Came off Zenith 750 2nd Edition. Excellent Condition, Never Flown, TIG Welded, Painted Battleship Grey, $485 OBO + Shipping. Call Rick @ 772-283-4834
  7. A

    VW 88mm pistons & cylinders on a Corvair

    Here's the situation: I live in Australia where Corvair engines, and associated parts, are like hen's teeth and need to be imported from the U.S. The shipping costs, plus customs etc., are exorbitant and constitute a significant proportion of the cost of the final engine. On the other hand...
  8. A

    I've joined the club!

    Well, today I bought a Corvair engine and placed my order for the conversion manual and DVDs. The engine is (quite) a bit worse for wear but hopefully some TLC will turn it into an honest aircraft engine. My dream is to one day bolt it to the front of a Bearhawk LSA - hopefully in time to be...
  9. Bill Clapp

    Azalea Aviation LLC - Spyder Corvair conversion engines and experimental aircraft

    Hello to all. We are Azalea Aviation LLC and are located in Valdosta Georgia. We currently are producing a 100 hp version of the corvair auto conversion we call a Spyder Engine. We also are beginning to produce a 120 HP version as well. In the aircraft arena we just finished the...
  10. Bill Clapp

    New Corvair Powered Airplane - The Saberwing by Azalea Aviation LLC

    Hello All, For the last couple years we have been designing and working on a cross country airplane...The SABERWING. It is an amateur build aircraft that works to bring simplicity into design and function. There are pictures on my profile page and much more data on our website...
  11. Bill Clapp

    Information and Products for Corvair Power - Azalea Aviation

    To all, For those interested, Azalea Aviation LLC is providing information and products for corvair enthusiasts. Check out our website at azaleaaviation.com We will respond to direct questions when able. Thank you. Bill Clapp
  12. Bill Clapp

    New Member Thank you

    Thank you to Homebuiltairplanes.com for your welcome to this forum. My name is Bill Clapp and I am the CEO and owner of Azalea Aviation LLC in Valdosta Ga. azaleaaviation.com The last few months we have been looking for a forum site that would meet some of our needs in responding to some of...
  13. ve3xox

    Corvair engine for your home built.

    Dual ignition with exhaust system. Advertising for a friend. Sitting in his barn, a little dusty but there she sits. 110 horses waiting to fly. Looking for offers...bob