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Oct 25, 2018
    1. fingersong
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    2. DaveD
      The booms are actually elliptical for the most part, they only become square at the wing end for ease of attachment. Although I suspect even that is about to go as you can see in the "Tail Boom Attachment" thread!
    3. spduffee
      Hello Miyja,
      I have a Gmail account, so it should handle it pretty well. Thank you Mitja!
    4. ultralajt
      Hello Ultralajit,
      I found an old posting of yours and asked a question through it. I am not sure if you would notice it or not, so I'm sending you this message. You found five EAA magazines that showed various illustrations of, for example, the Ramsey Bathtub, on a Russian site. You provided links, but they don't seem to work anymore. Did you happen to download and store those for yourself? If so, would you mind sharing them with me? Thank you, Shawn.

      Shawn I have 3 magazines in *.djvu . They are of 10, 11 and 15MB . If your email can recieve such attachments, I can send them to you, each in a separate email. You must install free DJVU viewer to see these files.


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    Renton, WA
    Current / Future projects:
    Started a BK-1, a Flying Flea, have plans to build a Prospector. I think I'll stick with that if I can ever learn to weld...
    Past Projects:
    Brought a Cessna 150G back to life after 16 years of dormancy. If that wasn't bad enough, I bought a deralict 170-A and brought it back to life.
    Private pilot, former owner of a 1950 Cessna 170-A, 1967 C-150. Want to build...

    I want to become a CFI someday. In the mean time I want to infect my lovely daughter and wife with the flying-bug and enjoy the great Northwest of the USA.


    "It idles a bit rough in neutral." "I ain't gonna be in neutral". "Oorah".
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