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Dec 29, 2012
Hanover, Germany
Hi everybody,

this is Fritz from germany. Our team is currently building the first prototype of a jet powered, manned microplane. We call it "Skyflash". You can find daily updates, pictures and more at our website and on facebook:
Home English
Skyflash Int. | Facebook

We started our project five years ago. Through some prototypes and models we came to the first real Skyflash airplane that is currently under construction. Our goal is total freedom of flight without large structures or anything around you. It should feel just like the wings are a part of your body. But, unlike a lot of skydivers, wingsuits or stuff like that, we will have a landing gear, a regular powerplant and easy, self-stable, controlability.
The plane will be powered by two 80hp jet turbines consuming 440gr/min of Diesel fuel. Wingspan is 3,40m and max. speed is planned at 200mph. Weight is typically around 250lbs including the pilot and everything else. The whole plane is controlled only by the movements of the pilot, just like a hangglider.

Our first roll and stability tests have been captured and uploaded to youtube =)

I´d be glad to post our status and more information here if you like our project!
We hope to manage our first flight in the first or second quarter 2013.

Best regards from germany


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