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  • Look at my 20 ft motor glider replica. That fuselage weighs less than 20 lbs. Search for 'Pippet' on hba.
    I can make an entire wing for less than 50 lbs.
    The on the Horten it's perfect, because you blend the wing in, and compound curves are do-able.
    Way lighter cheaper and stronger than plywood, IMO.
    Something to think about. I might be ready to build one myself in about three years. That's why I appreciate your recent threads.
    I don't know. The wood strips may be just as heavy as plywood. Do you mean a continuous covering of wood strips, or space apart?

    If the structure was designed correctly to be flat wrapped, then it would be a lot easier to use plywood panels. Your idea may be too heavy for an ultralight (USA part 103).

    What I have been thinking of is several plywood bulkheads to form the basic shape of the center section, with some stringers to tie them together. Then cover with thin plywood. This would be 6 or 8 feet wide, out to the wing stubs. Then the outer wings would be conventional ribs and spars, covered with the same ply.

    i don't know when or if I will ever build a flying wing. I need to finish my current build, which is going slow at this time.


    Years ago I came up with nearly the same idea to control a freewing of sorts (Body is independent of outer wing so that the angle of attack of the wing can change with constant body AOA). I was reading Synergy aircraft thread and looking to compare this design to the box 3d design Synergy is using. I want a flat wing so that my wings fold back flat like a Glasstar/kitfox does. It would seem to me that, if done right, it could work nearly as good as the Synergy idea.

    I hope it is not patented.


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