Seamax beats ICON ?

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Jay Kempf

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Apr 13, 2009
Warren, VT USA
I know the owner of Seamax NA. This is a great and little known design and spent a lot of time doing performance testing when we had access to a couple of them. I think last I checked it was around $150k but that was before it was put back in production. There were about 120 of them around the world with a perfect safety record. It is superior in every single way except the flashy narcissistic stuff (that is so important in NA). It is very light. It handles great on the water, ground, in the air. It is simple and everything about every mode is well thought out. It can be landed on water with the gear down without any real consequences. It can be landed on land with the gear up without any real consequences. Simple and easy to maintain and not a bad cross country airplane for what it is. The cockpit is HUGE and comfy. Gets out of the water quick and easy. Gets out of short fields pretty quick and easy. What's not to love.

The whole company was stuck in legal conflicts for about 3 years. It has emerged healthy and ready to keep going. Very happy to see it unleashed.

Norm Langlois

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Dec 13, 2011
Northwood NH USA
The two planes are the first in the list order of my friend Amos . He declares he is going to by one or the other.
The word from 2 people I know that have flown the Seamax and the Icon. one downside for Amos and the Seamax is dock side, the strut interference. And The other is a flight character issue. It has a yaw inflight constant correction I am told. Other than that it is more trailer able, than the Icon. The Icon has a special expensive trailer that is open to the elements The Seamax fits into a box trailer that is also much less expensive.Over all far less expensive and ,not likely to go bankrupt. For the Icon, there are undertones of over expense in promotion and unrealistic delivery promise resulting in demands for deposit returns.
I also spent time with the designer Miguel at Fun n Sun chatting over more than his plane.
I personally like the Seamax.
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