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Dec 16, 2007
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Port Townsend WA

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Jan 25, 2020 at 3:31 PM
    1. stanlex19
      hi dear.. please do you have an idea the type of propeller that should be used on this engine: Twin, two-stroke 22.00 HP (16.1 kW)) @ 8500 RPM, please i need to know the diameter and its pitch degree
    2. N8053H
      We have here at 3IS5 Holmes airpark an opportunity for someone or a group. We have a 4 bedroom dorm style housing, office, hangar. We are looking for a CFI to start a training center. All this can be had for 1500 a month lease. Utilities come with this. This is a yeck of a deal for the right person.
      We would even be open to a service center maybe do condition inspections and such. If you know of anyone wanting to start something like this let me know. We all do love aviation that is for sure.

      Thanks Bill

      Tony Sweet
      P.S. I should mention we also have a heliport with hangar that could be used, the dorm style housing sits off to the side of the helipad.
    3. LHH
      I noticed your post about a Windex kit from a few years ago.
      Do you know what happened to the company and if the molds could be purchased or better yet a kit?
      Any help would be appreciated.
    4. planebuilder
      Is that a Grob Motor glider in your avatar? I love Port Townsend, i used to live on Whidbey. I had a sailboat and would sail to Port Townsend to have dinner at LaFondas. Love that area, I've been to the wooden boat festival a few times.
    5. Bryster51
      Hello Sir, I have not been her for a long time, shortly after contacting you on the Thalman T-4 information in the EAA's wood book you have.... I had lost my job, and had other life changes happen. Now wishing to regain your mailing address for the T-4 information after sending you a few bucks. Please let me know your mailing address again if you would.

      Brian Depew
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    Port Townsend WA
    Current / Future projects:
    Ultralight design
    Past Projects:
    Owned an aircraft rebuilding and maintenance company.
    Semi-retired aviation business owner

    Building an ultralight of my design.
    Own a Grob G109 motor glider.