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  • Was reading one of your threads which discussed clecos for aligning plywood. Thought that, if you didn't want to make holes, you could glue on little pieces of soft wood like balsa and machine them to make precisely positioned stops that could later be removed. Just an idea.
    Thanks Fritz,
    Forgot to ask, you mentioned that I could add a dual head 3D printer extruder to my CNC table. Would that give it the ability to be a 3d printer?
    Thanks again.
    Thanks for your comments about CNC cutting the foam for my plane. You mentioned I could build a 4x8 CNC machine for pretty cheap that would work for my plane idea, can you point me to any particular plans or websites were I can get started building this?
    Thanks again.
    Man, that is a nice wing (the yellow one posted on Solidworks thread).
    I really admire the shape of that. That is sort of how I always invisioned the perfect wing. Taper, but little LE sweep. And taper only on the outer part. And the tip, that has to be very effective with vortices. Nice!
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