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  • Percy, Im in Maggie Valley, NC AND SHOULD BE BACK IN Bainbridge late tomorrow
    YES IT HANGERED at Decatur,Co. Airport.Jerry
    I talked with someone several years ago who built a Bobcat & he said the Struts on the Super Cat were needed in his opinion. I'm doing good, my daughter that was living with me got a job she did a "Car move back to Socorro. Now I need to sort things out & pile her stuff in a corner so I have my work/play room back. I have to use 3 weeks worth of vacation at the end of the year or I loose it but it's not all in a 3 week chunk, I'm off the first 2 weeks, work a week then off until 7th of Jan
    I could fly commercial into DHN. I wouldn't need much baggage. I'm camping as well but all I'll have is a small rucksack w/ a small hiking tent and small sleeping bag. I was in the Marines from 2003 till 2008, so I know how to pack light and tight
    My dad was also in the Air Force up at Malmstrom untill a few years ago. Retired as a MSgt in the security forces. Glasgow, as I'm sure you probably already know, was shut down awhile back, but is used now I think by Boeing, or a subsiderary of Boeing, for flight tests or some such thing. If you want to know some more about your old base check out this interesting link, Abandoned & Little-Known Airfields: Eastern MontanaGlasgow is about 3/4 down the page.

    What days would you plan on being there? Also, how much do you think I should bring to help out with fuel if we do decide to do this?
    Hey Percy, if you have the room I'd love to meet you there in bama and fly in with ya. I'll pay my fair share of the gas.

    Maybe? Please? LOL BTW I'm a student pilot :)
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