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Roadable Builds

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Well-Known Member
Sep 20, 2014
Melbourne Aust.
Some of you already know who I am, and what I'm building/assembling. I don't fool myself that I know enough about aeronautics or the finer points of engineering and calculus, But I can innovate and build.
I would like to know who else is out there Designing, Building, Innovating/assembling a ROADABLE AIRCRAFT? I do not mean the co-operate entities with big money behind them. I know the "home builder" is out there, post back and share.
You will currently find me on Roadable Aircrafr (and as always, watch the spelling. Dyslexic fingers.) My original build was to be the Avatar you see on the left with twin props, foldable wings, drive-able folded (for short portage) or trail-able. Much the same concept (as it turns out) as Molt Taylor.
Because of my overdue start on this project and other demands on my time, I decided that that build was going to take too long, although all the "in principle" engineering both the auto and the flying "appendage" had already been done.
I am now re-engineering a Suzuki Mighty Boy and will graft-on the foldable and removeable appendage, being the wing and fuselage of an appropriate STOL aircraft, anything that can be suitably modified to accommodate 850-870 MTOW with single strut. A family member is the Australian agent for ICP so perhaps a Ventura wing and fin (relocated) and Savanah fuselage and tailplane.
The M/Boy mod's include fitment of a V4, probably Honda VFR 1200F (170 hp) to rear wheel drive, independent susps'n, air bags all round. If I can get a comparison weight on the Yamaha Vmax 1700 and it's close on weight I may go for that engine (200Hp @ 9000 rpm). As I understand it, both are good solid motors but I will listen to further advice if you any to share. I would prefer a "shaft-drive" engine, but can't find anything with suitable HP. Perhaps I could turbo charge one up to spec???? I don't need that much Hp but I can down-rate it and thus bring the rpm and stresses down.
It is a "hybrid" build both with the body and the propulsion method. For the later I wish to drive 2 Emrax motors as generators which in turn will drive an Emrax motor on each prop. My intension is to NOT run through a battery storage system. The power/revs output of the prop motors will be controlled by the fixed engine. (This has yet to be confirmed and engineered.)
See thumbnail sketch below. Hrzntl tail surface is not correct vertically.

SPECS (Apologies to all those out there that can't/don't/won't work in Metric)

Wing Area 14.0 - 15.5 sqr Mtr
Wing Profile Riblett GA 35418 NACA series 4 or similar (rectangular)
Wing Span 9.3 - 9.5 Mtr
Wing Chord 1.5 - 1.6 Mtr
Aspect Ratio 5.8 - 6.3
High lift devices Options - Junkers Flaps, Fowler Flaps (+ extending?), Extending Drooped LECuff , Outboard LECuff , Vortex generators
Wing Tips TBA
Hrzntl Tail Span 2.4 Mtr 2/3 - 3/4
Fin High mount (not "T")
Length 7 Mtr
MTOW 850 - 870 Kg
EW 570 Kg (appendage est = 120Kg, M/Boy with fuel est = 450-470)
Wing Loading 55 - 60 Kg/Sqr Mtr
Vso = to or less than 60Kph (STOL capable)
Vc = to or greater than 180Kph
Vmax 200 Kph
Seats 2
Baggage 50Kg
Fuel 100Ltr - 79 Kg (allow 25Ltr/hr = 4 hr)
Hp 160 - 200 recip' motor running 2 x 228 (or similar) generators to 2 X 228 EMRAX motors (100 - 55Kw each, 230 -120 Nm each)
EMRAX If interested I can post full specs (might be quicker to Google!)
Undercarraige Semi retractable
Well, basically that's me. What are you up to, if it's not secret. i.e. not commercially susceptible.

PS. Each grid = 130mm (best I could do at the time) WIN_20230506_14_37_30_Pro.jpg