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  • Hello Jedi,

    Thanks for replying.

    Can you please use my email address ( tony.prentice1@btinternet.com ) for communications as the HBA site causes operational problems for my PC. I will not redistribute your email address without your express permission.

    There are number of mutually interesting ideas mentioned in your pen picture and I think that sharing ideas is the best way forward. Cooperation is better than competition providing benefits to all.

    If you are happy to correspond directly then use my email address and I can then send stuff directly to yours.


    Hi Jedi. I went on my flypegasuspower.com website last night and replied to a couple of inquiries in the Q&A section. One was about my choice for using a cast crank instead of the tried-and-true forging. If you are interested in reading my reply it was to "dragon2knight". Turned out to be a short novel...LOL. Talk soon!
    Hi jedi, would you please introduce me to the aerolite 103 designer . having the plans will allow me to start the structural study and the aerodynamic study . helping me to find the plans could be the key for a better plane in the future
    One big idea that I have had addresses the divergence issue. fsw tends to increase aoa at the tips ad the wings bend up, causing more lift, causing more twist, until the wings break.

    The X29 addressed this by orienting the fibers of the carbon fiber skin to cause the wings to wash out when they bend. Works, but complex.

    I'd suggest moving the spar forward from the traditional quarter chord to maybe 20%. this will cause more lift aft of the spar, washing out the wing.
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