Wood Constant Speed Prop Blades


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Jul 15, 2010
Fayetteville, AR / USA
A lot of older constant speed props used wooden blades. The Germans, including MT continue to use wood core composites. The retention system is a series of lag screws in a stainless steel cup that interfaces the bearing in the hub. Does anybody have ANY info on:

1.) the lag screws (they are long to short and distribute the load from the blade to the hub. any sources?)

2.) Installation proceedures

3.) Acceptable practices glues, woods, lamination schedules etc. Do you pre drill the holes for the lag screws? Do you use epoxy in the hole....etc.

4.) Leading edge erosion strip installation practices.

These types of blades were used on everything from the Spitfire to the FW190. I know there has to be some technical documentation somewhere. I've searched high and low on the inter webs and come up empty. The best thing I have found is on the Aeromatic website, but that is just a picture.