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Jan Carlsson
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  • Hi Jan,
    Sorry - me again. The "1.6" in Alaina's email refers to the PSRU ratio, not the prop. The prop is 60" in diameter.

    Hi Jan,
    I have been following the thread about the optimal prop. Very interesting reading. When I got my Valley Engineering Big Twin engine, it included a Culver prop also. I spoke to the VE guys, and explained the plane, and its mission (to fly fast on 50hp), and they sent me a prop as follows:

    Hi Duncan,
    Grandpa determined that you will get a 1.6 with a 60x64 prop that has a 3” hub thickness.

    I actually have very little idea what this means. Does it sound about right? I'll use it to begin with, but I have been impressed with some of the things you have been saying in the above thread, and I was wondering if you might be able to design/make me an "optimal" prop for the little plane?

    Hi friend. I m making a ultralight plane I need some help.
    Hi Jan
    I mailed you about the prop
    Hi Jan, I apologize for not writing back sooner...

    I think comic, although it would be tragic if he ever builds it. In the overwhelming majority of these cases, these guys who have an idea that just will not work will never actually build anything. Once I have said my piece on this type of thread, I try to avoid further commentary as it only degrades and the subject individual will not be convinced...

    Hello Jan,
    Another Vincent made 3D drawings, but I know im cause I have a Gazaile drawing set (construction in standby)

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