Wat type of flap is this


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Apr 28, 2010
Memphis, TN
That quacks me up.

If you have ever cleaned bird guts from an airliner, you know the smell. We actually had one get to the feet of the cockpit on a J31. I have seen some good ones. Helicopter blades are the best because the bird just explodes and usually blows away.


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Apr 7, 2020
In my flight school we had an instructor who admitted to hitting the same bird twice.
Mind you we had to get him pretty well drunk later that night before he admitted the truth.
Apparently him and a student were chasing geese and in a step down spiral turn managed to hit one with The wing.
Flabbergasted they reacted poorly and continued the down spiral and came back around and took the now wounded or dead bird through the windshield.
Student went to the hospital and the instructor was treated and released at the airport by the medical personnel responding.
The plane of course was a heckuva mess with about 4 feet of one wing the windshield one of the backseats in the back wall destroyed and most of the bird needing to be removed from the control mechanism at the very end of the tail.
Now for the truly amazing part of the story apparently none of the instructors Or students in the bar with him that night ever told administration.
These instructors were very jealous and backbiting I just can’t believe none of them ever told.
But the instructor was never let go and eventually went to work for TWA which tells you how old the story is....
Feb 15, 2018
Olathe, Ks.
In the 1990's, while working for TWA, we had a MD-80 come into the shop that flew through a flock of geese on climb out, close to the ground. They were still at a high AOA. The goose went through the nose gear door and penetrated the forward pressure bulkhead right in front of the co-pilot. All the cables and stuff in the nose of that plane just shredded the goose. It left a nice outline of the co-pilot on the circuit breaker panel behind him. Quite the mess.