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The hot mess of aviation magazines because of Firecrown

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Well-Known Member
Mar 2, 2015
Bronx, NY
I've been a huge subscriber of all of the mainstream flying mags for decades now. Unfortunately the few that are left (Kitplanes, Flying, Plane&Pilot, Aviation Consumer, etc.) are now owned by what appears to be the most inept company I've ever seen, Firecrown. The websites are a hot mess on all but Kitplanes, with broken links galore, no access to any back issues, heck I even have a sub to P&P that doesn't even work anymore, it just sees me as a "free" user and not a 3 year digital issue subscriber. And forget about contacting this company, all of the links on all of the sites that lead to their non caring customer service are dead links, you have to physically copy and paste them into your email client to send out a message---and then said message is completely ignored. I got literally ONE response to inquiries about not being able to access my P&P sub and they claimed they "fixed" it (they did not) and nothing further for WEEKS now despite my constantly sending them inquiries about it. They literally ripped me off. I paid for a 3 year sub, got nothing for it. Is anyone else having these very real issues with their subs? Sorry if this isn't the place to post this, but I see nowhere else to talk about this.
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