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    1. bcnewbur
      Re: integrated tail wheel and rudder/vertical fin:check out AR5 and AR6 6 is a reno racer, - 5 is a minimal front plat area aircraft.

      Both built by Arnold, who is now deceased
    2. hocdohoa
      Enter Focus Academy thuộc viện CNTT - ĐHQGHN liên tục mở các lớp :
      khóa học đồ họa miễn phí
      khoa thiết kế nội thất
      thủ thuật thiết kế
      Tìm địa chỉhoc ke toan o dau Uy Tín Chất Lượng
      hoc ke toan thuc hanh tai quan 3
      lớp đào tạo học kế toán ở ba đình tốt nhất
      donald duck
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    capital district NY
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    I had an experimental cub, unusual feature was wing spoilers, they were very useful, i recommend them.
    11 years and 9000 hrs flight engineer and co-pilot dc4 and dc6, 800 hrs pic various small planes, flight instructor rated. 25 years construction. Grandpa.

    I would like to build an elsa that gets better than 50mpg.