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  • Life has been weird, I'm still flying and instructing, I'm still designing and building, but I discovered something new to do (writing🦊🐰o_O) so something had to give, and turned out to be sitting in on aviation forums all night.
    It's taken four years for the novelty to almost wear off, so I'm coming back to hopefully talk about the building stuff I'm still going.
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    Hi Arthur,

    How is the progress going?

    Have you finally settled in the new place?

    Is the So-lite and Murphy done yet?

    But the big question is - what is happening to the pylon project?

    Wow, have I been away that long!!!
    The racer project is on hold at the moment as my flying school and a few other rebuild projects got in the way.
    Currently I'm re-engining my original Stollite and making a new cowl to suit.
    I then have a Murphy Renegade project I want to finish off, then I'll get back into the racer.
    Yes, the original plan was to produce as a kit, had a couple of small setbacks and need a little re-engineering.
    I try to keep my photo blog up to date on my various projects.

    How is the racer project going?

    Really love to see a update, and some more specs etc.

    Are you going to sell a Kit?

    I t would save the trouble of designing my own for a similar result and just as much fun.


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