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    Hi Arthur,

    How is the progress going?

    Have you finally settled in the new place?

    Is the So-lite and Murphy done yet?

    But the big question is - what is happening to the pylon project?

    Wow, have I been away that long!!!
    The racer project is on hold at the moment as my flying school and a few other rebuild projects got in the way.
    Currently I'm re-engining my original Stollite and making a new cowl to suit.
    I then have a Murphy Renegade project I want to finish off, then I'll get back into the racer.
    Yes, the original plan was to produce as a kit, had a couple of small setbacks and need a little re-engineering.
    I try to keep my photo blog up to date on my various projects.

    How is the racer project going?

    Really love to see a update, and some more specs etc.

    Are you going to sell a Kit?

    I t would save the trouble of designing my own for a similar result and just as much fun.


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