Stewart Systems Alternates/substitutes


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Jan 1, 2021
Ottawa, Ontario
Hi All,

I've been reading here for a while on fabric covering systems. I used the Stewart System 20 years ago to recover my Taylorcraft (since sold) and the fabric and finish has held up spectacularly well as the aircraft has been hangared it's entire life. I used the Ekobond and Ekofill and top coated with Sikkens polyurethane.

I suspected at the time that Stewart didn't formulate its own coatings and just rebranded some existing products. It seems common knowledge now on this board that the Ekobond fabric cement is in fact 3M 30-NF Fastbond Contact Adhesive.

I'm wondering if anyone has cracked the code on the carbon black Ekofill product and the water based top coat systems they are using?

Thanks for your input, Mark